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How to Arrange Flowers

Flower Arrangement - How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase

Our easy guide to show you how to create a gorgeous floral arrangement in a vase.

    Our video guide covers:
  • What equipment you'll need
  • How to prepare your stems
  • Expert Tips and Ideas for arranging your flowers
We’re working with Morgan Douglas Nuth, an award winning florist with almost 25 years’ experience, who inspires many of our most beautiful and best-selling bouquets. Learn more about Morgan >
All Flying Flowers bouquets are delivered beautifully arranged - just trim the stems and place in a vase, or if you want to get creative and have some fun with your bouquet just follow our guide!
    What Equipment Will I Need?
  • A Clean Vase - Disinfected and half full with fresh, lukewarm water
  • Sharp Scissors - The sharper the better!
  • Knife - For removing rose thorns
  • Flower Food - So your flowers will last for longer