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A box of blooming delights

24 March 2016

By Sarah

There's nothing I welcome more than the thud on the doormat signalling the arrival of post especially when it's a letter or thank you from a friend or loved one; a postcard from somewhere exotic - or an exciting invitation.

A box of beautiful blooms of tulips, alstroemeria and roses in every shade of yellow, pink and purple with winter-banishing collections such as Spring Sunlight, Lemon Delight and Berry Bliss. And not only that, flowers given the hallowed Good Housekeeping Approved Stamp! I would cherish my friendly postie even more!

Fabulous Flying Flowers' Letterbox-Friendly Flowers easily fit through your letterbox, so there are no more cards from couriers, saying 'sorry we missed you' when you just popped out for five minutes but were in for the rest of the day. You know your flowers will make it direct through your door.

Because the flowers arrive loose in the box, it's up to you how you arrange them. You can be as creative as you like perhaps popping them in a show-stopping vase or splitting them into smaller jars. I'm currently a fan of using coloured swing-top bottles for flowers on my kitchen windowsill.

Or you can use the light-weight pop-up vase that comes with the flowers. You simply add hot water and hey presto, you have a surprisingly solid vase. I was impressed and have hung onto mine for next time.

To keep blooms in peak condition, remember to cut stems at a 45 degree angle under the water; a pin prick near the top of the rose stem should keep it perky and believe it or not, a few drops of vodka should help keep flowers fresh for longer. You could always join them but water down with some tonic!

Is that the postman I hear? Hurrah!

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