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How to Pick the Best Flowers for Home and Garden this Summer

Angela Milnes is an Award winning family lifestyle blogger at The Inspiration Edit. She writes about family life, having fun and creating a peaceful and beautiful home environment. In this blog, she shares with us how to make your home and garden bloom this summer.

The one thing I love at this time of year is the fact I can get in the garden and plant beautiful flowers ready for the Summer. There’s nothing I love more than to grow flowers in the garden and display them around my home.

6 Innovative Ways to Recycle your Old Flower Bouquets

If you don’t have the heart to throw away a special bouquet, consider preserving their beauty - and your memories – by transforming them into something new. There are plenty of ways you can recycle dead flowers, from wreath making to creating potpourri and flower crowns.

Are you ready to get your crafting hat on? Read our how-to guides on each and start your next floral project!

6 How to Use Artificial Flowers in Your Home

Hypoallergenic, pet-friendly and promising an eternal bloom; artificial flowers are an increasingly popular choice for the home.

Advancements in technology mean silk flowers can now rival the appearance of the real thing and there’s a whole host of creative ways to display them! We’ve rounded up some ingenious ideas on how you can incorporate them into your living space.

Flower names & origins: What's in your bouquet?

Flowers are a universal language, with cultures worldwide attributing special meanings to the way they're gifted, arranged and even displayed in your home.

Floriography, the art of using bouquets and blooms to express your feelings, adds another layer of confusion to the wonder of florals but perhaps the most common misunderstanding comes from every day versus scientific naming of our favourite blossoms.

Discover your Baby and Parent Horoscope by Birth Flower

We have delved into the world of horoscopes, birth stones & flower symbolism to collectively find out how they may influence a newborn baby's personality & how it may impact your parenting style.

As well as predicting your future, we also use our findings to help you make the perfect decision when choosing a floral celebration gift for a new parent. Click the read more below, you might just discover something brilliant about yourself!