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National Fragrance Day

21st March 2017
By Sarah

March 21st is National Fragrance Day. We all have our favourite scents and not surprisingly, fresh flowers feature in the top 10 best smells in a poll. More than three quarters of the people surveyed by decorating brand Harris say that have particular smells which make them feel nostalgic.

Roses make the top 20 of the best smells and are indeed one of my favourite memory-evoking garden flower scents.

Spring clean away the January blues

20th January 2017
By Sarah

Most people I speak to dislike January and want to disappear under the duvet until Spring. After December’s festivities and fun, friends and family say they struggle with the return to work, cold weather and dark mornings. January even has Blue Monday which this year was on the 16th.

Cheerily labelled the most depressing day of the year, it’s supposed to be when we feel the after effects of the Christmas bloat both on our waistlines and our wallets - and the day we’re most likely to ditch those well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions.

Have a Merry Memory-Making Christmas!

21st December 2016
By Sarah

Getting a doll’s bath from Father Christmas, The Wizard of Oz and the overwhelming site of presents under the tree are my favourite festive memories. Despite writing about Christmas since July, I still love it - and the build up. Christmas is a magical time to me.

Growing up in the 70s, we used to have a real tree and I remember covering it with tinsel icicles - you would still find them behind the sofa in July! I had three mice which I was allowed to put on the tree and I still pop these on our tree today.


Fill your home with festive floral cheer

12th December 2016
By Sarah

I was shocked to read the Poinsettia - one of THE symbols of Christmas - had fallen out of favour last year, overtaken by hyacinths and orchids. So let’s get it back in our homes for the festivities!

For a striking mantelpiece display, pop a single Poinsettia bract into a coloured-glass Mason jar or some glitzy gold Mason jars and it will look perfectly festive. Or go vintage with one or two flowers in a teacup and saucer - you can usually pick up pretty bargains in charity shops for an attractive table decoration.


Source: Sprinklebakes.com

6 Ways to use Edible Flowers in Food

2nd December 2016
By Sarah and Adam

As well as popping flowers in a vase, you can also pop them in the oven! Edible flowers are becoming increasingly popular with our food from prettying up our cakes and bakes to pepping up salads, jellies and cordials.

But eating flowers isn’t just something fancy chefs and The Great British Bake Off have revived - medieval monks were using Calendula in their cooking pots and the Victorians topped desserts with candied Violets, associating them with elegance. Carnations, Day Lily and Nasturtium petals were also thought to be good for you with body-cleansing properties as well as attractive garnishes, says GardenGuides.com.