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Celebrating grandparents everywhere

30 September 2016

By Sarah

A revolving windmill that played ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’, a menagerie of hamsters, rabbits and tropical fish, and a huge fry-up cooked in lard, takes me back fondly to the days I used to spend with my Yorkshire-based Nanna and Grandad.

Because we lived some 200 miles away, it was extra special to visit them - it only happened once a year because it took forever to get up the A1 in my mum’s Morris Minor. Between visits my Nanna used to send me knitted dolls’ clothes beautifully displayed on cardboard, PG Tips cards and Ribena records that played whale song.

"If there was something to be collected off the back of a pack - my Nanna was on it"

Sadly, my grandparents are no longer with us, but it’s great to read that grandparents’ generosity lives on with doting grans and grandpas saving families thousands of pounds a year in childcare fees and splashing out more than other family members on wedding presents for their grandchildren, according to a study. They’re also generous with their time, helping out with the running of their grown-up children’s homes - doing household chores and gardening, as well as being in to sign for a parcel or pay the window cleaner. In return, many grandparents now tag along on the family holiday, with four in ten adults asking their parents to come on the annual summer getaway in order for the whole family to spend time together and make memories.

While my Nanna used to phone or write to me, modern-day grandparents have embraced technology with eight in ten saying the internet and smartphones have improved their life enabling them to regularly stay in touch with grandchildren. My daughter is lucky as her Nanna lives 5 miles away. She regularly WhatsApps my mum with her news and selfies - and my mum loves it.

Why not celebrate grandparents both near and far with flowers on National Grandparents’ Day which takes place this year on 2nd October. Originating in the US in 1978, charity Age UK introduced Grandparents’ Day here in 1990.

My Nanna would have loved our the pink, white, orange and yellow Rose Medley Gift Basket from £29.99. But you don’t have to wait until an official day to say how much you love them, FaceTime them now!

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

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