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Get set… BAKE!

31th August 2016

By Sarah

Soggy bottoms, squirrel's nuts and star bakers. It can only mean one thing… the return of the Great British Bake Off! I'm with respondents of a recent Yale survey who said it was their top TV show for a perfect night in. I've been on a countdown for its return

I can't get enough of presenters Mel and Sue's innuendos; “You've got two hours to pop Mary's cherry” being my favourite. I love Mary and Paul's iconic partnership with Paul's directness and Mary's more understated, left-hanging remarks! I love the fact that it's so very British from the country home setting to the bunting. And who doesn't enjoy a bunch of amateur cooks sweating it out over crème pat, creamed horns and choux buns.

I enjoyed the interlude of the Great British Bake Off ‘Creme de la Creme' but because it was professionals competing, it didn't quite have the same hook with me. I want to see people I can identify with. Although I'm far from being a brilliant baker.
When my daughter was younger, I used to come over all mumsie and think we could bond over cup-cake making but she wanted ready-to-bake Dora the Explorer buns so we hardly reached culinary heights. Then she'd get bored and I'd be left to finish them, fretting over the mess.

We're also popping on our pinnies in the office and getting a slice of the baking action with their very own office bake off. We'll be sharing results on Facebook and Twitter as they come out of the oven - you can help us choose Star Baker. Feel free to post your creations, too!

If baking's not your thing, then make our new create at home pink and white carnation cupcake kit. All ingredients are in bud, it's no technical challenge but it IS a Showstopper.

On your marks, get set… BAKE!

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