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Memories of Summer

3 June 2016

By Sarah

My abiding memory of summer is the heatwave of 1976. Not for the unrelenting sizzling temperatures that lasted two months or for the shared bathwater because of the water shortages or for the legions of ladybirds that had a penchant for my yellow bathing suit – it was because our Red Setter had puppies and I can vividly remember playing with them on the parched lawn.

Growing up in the Seventies, summers for me meant playing out until it was time for tea – gulped down and then back out again until it was dark; long bike rides with my best friend – our parents never knew where or how far we went - and removing petals off roses to make perfume water in the back garden, away from adult prying eyes!

For beautiful summer scents, why not reminisce with a Stocks, Snap Dragons and Rose Pretty Perfume bouquet.
I also remember my mum looking after my primary school's outdoor pool for a week in the holidays: it was freezing and filled with leaves and bugs, but we had a blast.

My mother, now in her sixties, says her most vivid summer memory is the ice-cream man coming round in his van every Sunday. They didn't have a freezer, so they had to wolf down the ice-cream before it melted despite my nanna's valiant attempts at keeping some in a bowl in the fridge! Like me, my mum also enjoyed long cycle rides with jam sandwiches and a bottle of lemonade. Despite the generation gap, we both agree the days seemed to go on forever back then.

A recent study has revealed that over two thirds of us are keen to pass down our favourite summer pursuits to our young ones, with a day out to the beach, a day at the zoo and visiting a museum, along with out-door games such as Tag, Piggy in the Middle and Hopscotch hot favourites.

Picking wild flowers, making a daisy chain and picking fruit at a farm also feature high on the list of happy sunny memories we like to pass on. So why not have a gadget-free day with our children and grandchildren and relive some of those fabulous yesteryear summer activities. You never know - they could catch on!

Pooh sticks anyone?

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