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Follow your nose this National Fragrance Day!

18 March 2016

By Sarah

The smell of freshly-baked cinnamon buns, ripe tomatoes in a greenhouse and Pears soap trigger many happy memories for me of visiting my grandparents' Yorkshire home when I was a child. It was extra special as they lived so far away, so it was a real treat to see them - which is why I find these smells so memory-provoking today.

Most of us have a smell that evokes nostalgia and reminds us of particular places and people.

Freshly-mown grass, rain on the playground tarmac and plasticine are firm school days' favourites, according to a recent study. And while sea breezes, sun cream and fish & chips remind us of summer holidays; bonfire smoke, hot Bovril and the smell of a smoky log-fire wrap us back up in cold winter nights growing up.

"Sea breezes, sun cream and fish & chips remind us of summer holidays.."

Brylcreem, Old Spice and musty sheds trigger special father and grandfather memories, while the mouthwatering smell of home-baking, hairspray and lavender remind us lovingly of mums and grans. The traditional Sunday roast, bacon and cinnamon are firm foodie favourites for our noses - and tums. And when we were feeling under the weather, the smell of Germolene, Vicks vapour rub and chicken soup made us - and our noses - feel better.

And certain smells really do stick with us regardless of our age; those of us age 55-plus are just as likely to associate the scent of candy floss with fun childhood attractions as the under 25s are.

Not surprisingly, we adore floral aromas, with freshly-cut flowers, roses and jasmine among our favourite fragrances.

You can follow your nose and celebrate smells this Monday 21st March as it's National Fragrance Day. To mark this sensory occasion, we're offering 50% extra free with our beautiful Simply Freesia bouquet. The sweetly-scented arrangement will perfume any room - and delight your nose.

Happy smelling!

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