Do you know someone in need of a pick-me-up right now? Flowers have long been known for their ability to put a smile on someone's face and we're firm believers in spreading a little happiness with a bunch of beautiful blooms.

We've been chatting to TV's Dr Amir Khan and colour psychology expert Karen Haller about how surrounding yourself with flowers and plants can help boost our health and happiness.

Dr Amir Khan

TV's Dr Amir Kahn is a big advocate of all things floral to help make us feel healthier.

"There are lots of benefits of bringing nature indoors and having flowers and plants in the home has been proven to be beneficial for mental health - which we all need now.

"Finding little ways to lift our mood is so important at the moment as many of us contend with feeling down or worried.

"People who get out in nature the least often have the most to gain from even a small amount of exposure. Even a short walk or sit in a garden is better than nothing at all."

Karen Haller

Colour psychology expert Karen Haller knows a thing or two about the science of colour and believes surrounding yourself with the right colours can really lift your mood.

"Yellow is the colour of happiness. It's the colour of optimism, it's the colour of sunshine, it's the colour that makes us feel uplifted.

"During lockdown I have often bought yellow flowers and when I walked into the kitchen it would be like the colour gave me a cheery hello - yellow is the perfect colour for people who need a little pick-me-up."

Karen is a firm believer that nature can provide a welcome sanctuary to us all during the tough times we're facing this year. She's encouraging a bit of floral therapy and to quite literally stop and smell the roses!

"Nature doesn't know that we're in lockdown" she said. "Its colours and scents can bring so much joy at the moment."

The Power of Colour

We're big colour fans over at Flying Flowers HQ (as you might have guessed!). We've been chatting to Karen Haller about what meanings lie behind nature's many colours and how they communicate what we're feeling without having to say a word.

Soft Pink

The colour of compassion, care and familial love. Soft pinks are like a hug - the perfect colour to send to a special family member to show how much you care.


The colour of fun and playful mischief, orange flowers are perfect for that fun friend who is always ready for a good time.


The colour of passion and desire - and the colour to say 'I love you'. It's no wonder red roses are known for their romantic connotations.


No bouquet is complete without pretty green foliage. Soft greens offer a sense of peace and reassurance.


The colour of happiness and optimism… a cheery hello to a friend who needs a pick-me-up.


The colour of introspection. A colour that encourages you to sit quietly and reflect.


Soft blues help soothe and calm the mind.


Often referred to as the 'grown-up' pink, magenta is the colour that represents independence.