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2nd May, 2021

2nd May, 2021


A new arrival around the corner means it’s time to celebrate. A baby shower is a brilliant way to share in the excitement and show your support. But like any party it takes a little bit of planning if you want it to be just right – that’s where we come in. While we can’t help you with everything (the guestlist is all yours!) we can help you with the decor.

Here’s our list of baby shower decorations to suit all budgets and themes.


It’s a tiered ‘cake’ made of nappies. No we’re not joking, tiered nappy cakes are all the rage in the world of baby showers!

You can’t eat it, but parents will love you for this practical gift and guests will be amazed at the inventive decor. All you need to do is stack a few tiers of nappies, wrapping them with colourful ribbon and then top with baby shoes or a soft toy. Or you can buy them readymade if you’re not feeling crafty.

And remember, you can do your bit for the planet by buying biodegradable nappies or cloth nappies that can be washed and reused.



Brighten up the room and add a personal touch with beautiful blooms. Take a look at our gorgeous bouquets that you can use for this baby shower decoration.

One of our favourite ways to decorate a baby shower is with the initials of mum and dad – after all, without them, there wouldn't be a baby shower. Give this tutorial from Honestly Yum a go – that should keep you busy on a slow weekend afternoon.

Once they're ready, these floral beauties can be featured on the gift table or amongst the food to add a chic and effective decoration that can be enjoyed even once the party is over.



Balloons make a party and a baby shower is no exception. If you really want to pull out the stops try making a fancy balloon arch. It might seem like a big job, but there are plenty of tutorials online if you fancy trying your hand creating a grand entrance.

When you’ve created your arch you can add a personal touch with a few well-placed blooms. Pick mum’s favourite flowers or the little one’s predicted birth flower and slot them in around the balloons for a real show stopper of a display.



Another DIY baby shower decoration that doubles as a gift for the little one is babygrow bunting. It’s simple, cute, and easy to match to any colour scheme – plus the new parents get a great selection of new baby clothes.

With this baby shower decoration, you're essentially creating a (much nicer) mini washing line in the house with a piece of sturdy twine or ribbon. Pin this along the wall, making sure the centre of the twine hangs down slightly rather than being pinned in a tight straight line.

Next, use small wooden pegs to fix babygrows onto the string, leaving equal amounts of space between each one to create neat but unique bunting.



If you’re looking for a really thoughtful activity for your shower, a letter-writing station might be just the thing.

Set up a table where guests can write messages to parents and baby – they could include advice for the parents, notes of love for the baby to read when they’re older and funny memories.

Make sure you put out pens, paper and envelopes and a sign inviting people to take part – and remember you might need to gently prod people throughout the shower to take part



A fun activity that doubles up as exceptionally cute decor, this game is an all around winner.

Simply request some baby photos of your guests in advance, print them off and either stick them to a blackboard or peg them on some bunting. During the shower you can take turns guessing who’s who, with a prize for the winner.



A delicious play on the baby theme, a ‘ready to pop’ station is the popcorn stop of dreams. Fill up bowls with popcorn and a range of toppings that guests can sprinkle or pour on top – everything from chocolate sauce to tasty sprinkles to dried fruit. A well-fed guest (and mum!) is a happy one. Be sure to include a sign that says 'Ready to Pop' – this could be a vibrant poster, chalkboard or even bunting.



A stunning floral centrepiece can transform a table – the only hard part is choosing which blooms! For a baby shower we love the soft tones and shapes of roses and gypsophila, but if they’re in season we can’t resist a vibrant sunflower. They're gender-neutral, long-lasting and look fabulous all on their own.

Ready to decorate? We can help with gorgeous flowers
(and don’t forget a bouquet for mum!)



Nothing beats tasty treats (apart from flowers of course). Finger sandwiches, crisps and nibbles, perfectly sliced veggies – we love the lot. But our favourite is definitely the cupcake. A crowd pleaser that comes in all sorts of colours and requires no faffing about with a cake knife – what’s not to love?

If you really want cupcakes that wow, get your Mary Berry on and try...

  • ...adding flowers. Edible flowers can transform a little cupcake or a table. Scatter them around and match their colours to the theme or icing for a really striking display.

  • ...spelling out a message. Spell out a message to the baby or the new parents with the cupcakes. It could be a simple welcome or something more personal. If the thought a piping bag is a little terrifying a friendly bakery will be sure to help you out.

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Looking for some baby shower floral inspiration?


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