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Letterbox Flowers

Brighten up their home this season with a bunch of beautiful letterbox flowers, all with free delivery to brighten your day too!

Flowers through the letterbox

We have specially designed letterbox-sized boxes which, as well as looking bright and lovely, fit through all sorts of letterboxes – so there’s no need to wait around for a delivery. With flowers delivered tomorrow and free delivery across the UK, you can brighten up someone's home in a flash, whatever the occasion.

Inside each box are gorgeous flowers, chosen to fit through your letterbox and tightly wrapped so they don’t come to any harm on their travels. They’re delivered in bud (aka they haven’t bloomed yet) so they’re at their freshest when they come through the door.

What flowers can be posted through the letterbox?

Thanks to our fab packaging, a lot of our flowers are happy being posted through a letterbox. In a lovely letterbox flower delivery you might get roses, carnations, stocks, alstroemeria or seasonal narcissi.

Whether it's to cheer up a friend or congratulate a new arrival, our letterbox flowers are the perfect gift to send - share some joy with a fabulous flower bouquet, posted through their letterbox.

What happens if there isn't a letterbox?

For those houses with an outdoor post box rather than a letterbox, our boxes can still be delivered to a designated safe place and our couriers will be sure to let them know about the box of beautiful blooms waiting for them.

Can I send finishing touches with letterbox flowers?

Yes! You can send our Lindor Mini Milk Chocolates as a tasty treat with your flowers - our letterbox boxes have been designed to fit that special extra touch. And as a treat to yourself, why not use the code FREECHOCS at checkout to get a box of these chocolates absolutely free with your order! Unfortunately, our vases are only available to send with our postal flowers.

How to care for letterbox flowers

If your letterbox flowers look a bit sad once you've unboxed them, don't worry – they just need a good drink, that's all.

You can help by giving the stems a quick trim (cut 2-3cm off each stem at a slight angle) and popping them in a clean vase of water as soon as possible. You'll be amazed at how quickly they perk up. Read our guide on how to care for your flowers to guarantee they bloom for days to come.

Letterbox Flower Delivery