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Plant Guides& Care Tips

Whether you’re new to plant parenting or looking to expand your (ever growing) collection, you can find out all you need to know in our plant guides. From choosing the best plant for your space, to specific plant care guides to help them thrive, to the choosing the best plant gift for every occasion, we’ve got you covered.


From cupboards converted to home offices, to building a tropical paradise in your bathroom – there’s a plant for every space. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on the best indoor plant for small spaces or needing some guidance to keep your peace lily thriving, our indoor plant guides are here to help.


Indoor Plant Guide

We’ve rounded up a list of popular house plants and the best places to put them around your home.


Best Hanging Plants

From your office shelves to a bathroom corner, hanging plants are perfect to jazz up a small space.


Best Plants for Home Office

Brighten up your home office with a fresh indoor plant and be the envy of your colleagues on every Zoom call.


Best Air Purifying Plants

Plants are powerful. Check out some of our favourite air-purifying house plants to help turn your home into a clean air sanctuary.


Flowering Houseplants

Add a pop of colour to any space with a colourful flowering houseplant.


Best Shade Loving Plants

We know one of the keys to keeping plants alive is sunshine. Even if your home lacks a sunny spot, it doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of plant power to those low light spaces.


How to Make a Terrarium

A terrarium can be your very own indoor greenhouse. Add a touch of green to your home with our guide on how to make a terrarium.


Popular Spring Plants

Banish the winter blues and brighten your home with a colourful spring plant. Not sure which one to choose? We’re rounded up our favourite spring flowering plants.


Is your peace lily starting to droop? Perhaps your miniature rose leaves are tinged with brown? We’re here to help with our plant SOS and some handy tips for keeping your plant thriving.


Indoor Plant Care Guide

We’ve created a handy guide on how to look after indoor plants, including top care tips.


Peace Lily Care Guide

The peace lily may look high maintenance, but it doesn’t actually need much fussing - a perfect choice for beginners.


Indoor Rose Care Guide

An indoor miniature rose plant delivers a long-lasting pop of colour to any space. Here’s our top tips on how to keep it last for years to come.


Poinsettia Care Guide

Nothing says Christmas more than a Poinsettia, in a shade as bright as Rudolph's nose. Learn all about this festive plant and care for it, so it can bloom for many Christmases to come

Christmas cactus

Christmas Cactus Care Guide

Brighten up those winter blues with a colourful Christmas Cactus. Easy to care for, they're guaranteed to add some festive joy to your home.


Boston Fern Care Guide

A plant with power, this air-purifying plant not only looks good but does good too. An ideal addition to a small space, read our care tips to keep it looking it's best.


Cyclamen Care Guide

Cyclamens are the perfect flowering house plant to add a pop of colour to your home all year round. We’ve rounded up all you need to know and some top tips for cyclamen care.


Snake Plant Care Guide

Named the best air-purifying plant by NASA, snake plants are pretty powerful. Best of all, they’re really simple to care for.


Lavender Care Guide

Loved by bees, loved by us! You might think of lavender flooding gardens in summer, but they also make for great indoor plants.


Giving someone a boost of plant power or making their home a little bit greener has never been easier with our plant delivery. Not sure which one to choose? We’ve rounded up the best plants for those big occasions.


Best Plants for Father's Day

Whether Dad is new to plant parenting or is known for his green-thumb, we’ve rounded up the best plants for every Dad at Father’s Day.


Best Plants for Mother's Day

House plants have the same decorative appeal as a bunch of flowers. We’ve listed the best plants for Mother’s Day to treat Mum.


Best Plants for Christmas

Everyone knows about the festive Poinsettia being a traditional Christmas plant. But which other plants add a touch of magic to the home at Christmas?