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Whether you’re after a long-lasting gift for a loved one or you want to add a touch of green to your home, you can’t go wrong with a lovely house plant or two. Just pick a perfect plant pal, sit back and relax and soon it’ll be flying through the post. When it comes to house plant delivery, we’ll do all the heavy-lifting.

House plants delivered across the UK

What's not to love about ordering house plants online? Forget lugging plants around, now they can arrive safely on the doorstep. Our house plants are carefully packaged in specially designed boxes and delivered with care, so they arrive ready to jazz up your indoor space. Best of all, every one comes with free delivery!

The best house plants

Struggling to choose a plant (we know – they’re all so lovely!)? Don’t worry, we can help. Large house plant or small, flowering or simple, check out our ultimate house plant guide where we've rounded up the most common house plants and how to care for each one.

We’re big fans of houseplants. They look great and usually last a long time – if you treat them right. But did you know that some plants also come with extra power? There are several plants that can help clean the air. Known as air purifying plants, they can help clear common indoor pollutants, such as mould and dust. If you're looking for a house plant with that extra boost, we've listed the best air purifying houseplants to add to your home.

Houseplants for every home

Choosing the perfect house plant is one thing, but knowing where to put it is another. Would your peace lily be better in the bedroom or bathroom? Do you need to jazz up your office but not sure which plant will work best? Are you lacking space but want to add a touch of personality? We've rounded up the most popular house plants and the best places to put them around your home.

Hanging house plants

Looking for a house plant but are limited on space? Hanging plants allow you to add some personality to your space with minimal effort. Whether you're looking for a new office companion or wanting to add some greenery to the bathroom, we've pulled together a list of the best hanging house plants.

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