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Best Office Plantsfor Your Home

22nd April, 2024

22nd April, 2024

Plants are a lot like us. We all live our best lives in the right environment. So finding a plant that works in every room can make a massive difference when it comes to them thriving (or dying). With many of us now spending more time than every working from home, why not brighten up your home office with one or two (or three) plants?

Choosing the right one for you doesn’t have to get prickly. Explore the best office plants that get a green thumbs up from us below.


What types of plants work best in home offices?

When looking for the best indoor plants for your office space, the trick is matching your room conditions to the right plant. Consider how much natural light your home office gets, whether it’s warm and toasty or has a bit of a draught. Understanding the personality of your potential plant co-worker is the best way to help them thrive. For example, Boston ferns don’t mind shadier corners, while warm and sunny window ledges are perfectly matched with cacti and succulents.


Busy schedules don’t mean we have to miss out on adding a little green to our office environments, just be sure to pick some low maintenance plant pals. Succulents and Devil’s Ivy can make great starter office plants as they’re resilient and don’t need much TLC. But there are others too, here are a few of our favourite house plants for beginners.


Snake plants are strong sword-shaped plants that grow in various colours, shapes and sizes. Usually found in a striking bold green, they’re the ideal way to brighten your home and bring some serious plant-lover vibes to any room. They’re known to be effective air purifiers too, perfect for keeping you focused while working.

Snake plants don’t need too much watering either. Just make sure they don’t dry out or stagnate in the water.



Although Devil’s Ivy may look delicate with its heart-shaped leaves, it’s actually as resilient as they come. They make lovely ornamental office plants – easy to place on a shelf even in lower light levels.

They prefer bright, indirect light and not too much water, especially in winter. Wait for the compost to dry out before you water them. Also, a big watch out for Devil’s Ivy, it’s toxic when eaten (ASPCA) so keep it well out of reach of children and pets.



Succulents are another easy office companion. Some are spiky, others are floral, but most enjoy dry conditions. They love warm, sunny spots and require very little watering. From Chinese money plants to dwarf jade plants and moonstones, their vibrant shapes and colours are great for mixing and matching.


Plants that just work harder

Some plants don’t just look good, they also do good. You’d never think unassuming foliage could pack such a punch, but it’s true. Studies have shown office plants can help improve your mood and combat stress. What’s more, there are plenty of plants that also help to purify the air and absorb toxins. For instance, plants like the snake plant, spider plant, Boston fern and peace lily are natural powerhouses for helping to reduce common air pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzane.

Here’s are a few of our fave powerhouse plants that could give you and your office a boost.


The eye-catching peace lily, famous for its vibrant green leaves and white flowers, is known to give any room a glow up and is one of the best plants for air purification.



The spider plant is not to be confused with its arachnid namesake. So, don’t be scared of inviting this leafy friend to your collection – not only does it clean the air, but it increases humidity which helps tackle the spread of airborne viruses like the pesky common cold.



If you’re prone to bumps, grazes and the odd clumsy cooking burn – say hello to aloe. This tropical succulent is best known for its healing gel properties, but it can also help purify the air.


Plants that brighten up your space

It’s natural for working from home to get a little dull sometimes. They say that indoor plants can encourage positive energy. Rooms filled with plants have been proven to boost your mood. Indoor office plants are believed to boost your productivity too, while colourful plants and flowers can bring balance and character to a room. Bright and fragrant plants like roses, or long-lasting and elegant orchids, can help enhance the feel-good factor of an important space like your home office


Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowering plants. They come in many stunning varieties and colours, from graceful vanda orchids to the popular moth orchid.

Lovers of humidity, orchids will thrive in a warm room out of direct sunlight. Try popping an ice cube in the pot and allowing it to slowly melt to avoid overwatering.



The flowering cyclamen makes a wonderful home office plant with its heart-shaped leaves and vibrant buds that bloom in pink, white and red hues during the winter.

Like an orchid, they’re not always in bloom, but make a fantastic desk buddy if your office sees plenty of natural sunlight. But bright sun isn’t a must, they can also thrive on north-facing windowsills, out of direct sunlight.



From classic red and vibrant yellow to soft white and pastel pink – no matter the colour, roses are an easy way to introduce a pop of colour to your office.
Miniature roses are common houseplants and enjoy lots of natural sunlight. This means they’re safe to place on a sunny windowsill or bookshelf.


Office plants perfect for low light spaces

Don’t fret if your office space isn’t blessed with sun. There’s still plenty of office plants that can handle low light (and look good too). Here are a few of our favourite low light lovers.


If you’re a houseplant novice, you can’t go wrong with a cast iron plant. The clues in the name – it’s so strong and easy to care for it’s one of the hardest house plants to kill.

Elegant, green and leafy, the cast iron plant is beautifully low maintenance, surviving even the shadiest spots and makeshift box room offices.



Boston ferns are popular because they’re an evergreen houseplant that loves a shady spot. Just be sure to spritz them with mist once a week to keep their environment humid.

Like most ferns their lush green fronds hang down – perfect for cosy book nooks and breaking up busy shelves.



These tall, potted office plants can really fill a space. Great for lonely corners of the room or next to your desk, the ornamental dragon tree is a welcome house plant for those with limited light.

Spiky, sword-like leaves make a statement, while still being easy to care for. There are various types with different pops of colour, such as the red ‘colorama’ or red and green ‘bicolor’ dragon tree.


Feel like it’s time to refresh your home office and improve the vibe? Office plants are an easy way to brighten up your space and encourage balance in your decor. They’re also surprisingly easy to care for with the right tips and tricks. Ready to welcome a green co-worker?