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Begonias ooze pure petal power. Delicate yet blossoming with colour, they brighten any space. Whether you plant them in your back garden or have a begonia as an indoor plant, it’s vital to ensure they’re well cared for so their uniqueness and beauty can shine through. Discover the best begonia care tips to keep yours looking their best.

Where To Put Begonias In Your Home

When keeping a begonia as an indoor plant, it’s important to put some thought into where it should go. Not only do you want it to dazzle, you must also ensure it’s getting everything it needs in terms of sunlight and nutrients. The best indoor begonia care will depend on the type of begonia you have.

The best types of begonias to keep as house plants are fibrous and rhizomatous. These don’t require as much humidity or light as tuberous begonias, so they’re happier indoors. They still love sunlight, though, so it’s best to place them on a windowsill or table where they’ll get plenty of indirect natural light to keep them looking blooming beautiful.

Begonias come in a kaleidoscope of colours, so they’re sure to look gorgeous anywhere in your home. Consider putting a small one on a bathroom or kitchen windowsill for a pop of colour in the most humid rooms of the house. If you have a particularly luscious and leafy begonia indoor plant, make it the star attraction of the living room or use it as a table centrepiece.

Begonia Care

Proper begonia care is essential to help your plant live a long, healthy, and happy life. Providing your begonia with everything it needs can brighten your bedroom for up to five years. And as cut flowers, begonias can thrive much longer when given the right TLC.


Watering tips

While begonias love humidity, they hate being waterlogged. To keep Bertha, Bella, or Brian the begonia as happy as can be, only water them when you notice the top of the soil is starting to get dry – and make sure they have enough drainage.



Pruning is just like going to the hairdresser’s - it might seem time-consuming, but the result is worth it once all those dead ends are gone. Keep your begonia looking salon fresh by cutting back any unruly branches every couple of weeks and removing any withering flowers. Not only does this look a whole lot better, it encourages your begonia to grow back bigger and better too.


Outside Begonias

If your indoor begonia is dwarfing the dining room table, you might consider placing it outside, but only during frost-free months. Whether your begonias are daintily dangling from hanging baskets or growing wild and free in a pot on your patio, the most important thing to remember is not to overwater them. Make sure they’re in well-drained compost and, like the indoor variety, only water them when the soil gets noticeably dry. Keep them in dappled sunlight and they'll blossom in no time.


Propagating your begonia

If one begonia just isn’t enough, it’s easy to propagate and create your own family of baby begonias, to decorate your house or to give as gifts. All you need to do is take a stem cutting and place it in some moist soil or compost. Make sure the conditions are slightly humid with no direct sunlight – just how begonias like it! Soon enough, roots will start to sprout, and you’ll have another begonia to welcome into the family.

Additional Begonia Care Tips

As beautiful as begonias are, they can be harmful to pets. They’re perfectly safe to have in the garden or the house as long as your furry friend doesn’t eat any, as this can cause sickness, irritation, and burning. The same goes for children – make certain your begonia is out of reach of little ones and four-legged friends, and you can all enjoy its beauty safely.

During winter, begonias might struggle. For proper begonia care during the colder months, ensure your flower isn’t exposed to freezing temperatures, still in plenty of sunlight and definitely try not to overwater.

No matter where you choose to place your begonia plant in your home, proper begonia care is the key to a flourishing flower. Add a splash of happiness to your home with a begonia indoor plant; share the love with a begonia and brighten up your autumn.