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Chrysanthemum:Everything youneed to know

Whether you call them mums, chrysanths or chrysanthemums, it will take more than some tricky pronunciation to put off lovers of these beautiful blossoms. Native to East Asia and parts of Europe, chrysanthemums are some of the most popular flowers to give and receive. With petals like that, is it any wonder?

Chrysanthemum flower meaning

Chrysanthemums mean different things in different cultures – as well as eras. In the Victorian age, people gifted chrysanthemums as a sign of strong friendship, while in modern times white chrysanthemums are often given as an expression of sympathy. In the UK and China, mums represent happiness, long life, and good fortune. The versatile chrysanthemum comes with an abundance of meanings, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.

Common types of chrysanthemums

From delicate, daisy-like flowers that add a splash of springtime to your living room vase to sprawling showstoppers that let your best friend know how much they mean to you, chrysanthemums come in plenty of shades, shapes, and sizes.

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Single bloom chrysanthemums

Single blooms are among the daintiest chrysanthemums, with delicate white petals and cheerful yellow centres. Growing either one petal per stem or in clusters, these beauties thrive out of direct sunlight. Pair these single blooms with flowers in complementary colours to make them the star of the show - choose white carnations if you want to see the yellow really pop, or match the Fire Island chrysanthemum with begonias or marigolds for a warmer bouquet.


Quilled bloom chrysanthemums

For the chic feel of your favourite pink chrysanthemum with some extra intrigue, quilled blooms pack a wow factor fit for a stunning centrepiece or brilliant bouquet. As the name suggests, the petals of quilled bloom chrysanthemums are spiky and narrow, adding depth and texture to any arrangement. Quilled blooms come in a range of colours, with Kings Delight one of the most popular thanks to its breath-taking shade of pink and impressive size.


Spider bloom chrysanthemums

Looking for a chrysanthemum for your ever kooky but always elegant best friend? Spider blooms are the perfect choice. With petals that are long and spindly, shooting off in different directions, you get no prizes for guessing how this flower got its name. There’s nothing creepy about these chrysanthemums though – the lacy effect of their unusual petals makes them a genuine showstopper. Spider blooms tend to come in delicate shades that complement their petals perfectly.


Pompon chrysanthemums

With their globe-shaped head and range of bright colours, pompons are the most fun chrysanthemum of all. From cute little ‘button mums’ to pompons that grow up to three feet tall, the little round petals of these chrysanthemums are a great way to add splashes of colour to your bunch. Try the Yoko Ono for tiny pops of green, or the Moonbeam variety for a larger flower in pure white.



Anemones are a unique member of the chrysanthemum family, with their tubular petals creating a light and cushioned appearance. This gorgeous effect, coupled with their rich and vibrant colour varieties, makes them a real crowd pleaser. Some varieties, like the Angel, boast gorgeous purple petals surrounding a golden centre.

How to care for chrysanthemums

Been gifted a beautiful bouquet of mums? There are plenty of tips and tricks to help keep your chrysanthemums looking great.

Make sure the water in your vase isn’t too cold and remove any leaves that are going to sit under the water. Despite loving sunshine and warmth, their first evening in the vase should be somewhere cool and dark if possible – this just helps them settle into their new home. Remember to add any plant food you have, too, for that extra boost.

Once your chrysanthemums are settled in their vase, you can put them wherever you want - however we recommend keeping them away from fresh fruit to help them live longer. Try to keep them away from radiators and harsh, direct light, but keep them somewhere fairly bright and well ventilated. Don’t forget to change their water regularly and add more plant food when you do. Keep this up, and your chrysanthemums could thrive for up to a fortnight or even longer.

There is a chrysanthemum for every taste, from pretty pink chrysanthemums to striking pompons and towering quilled blooms. Whether you want to add some brightness to your garden or make someone’s day with a beautiful bunch of mums, there are plenty of varieties to choose from.

Send some happiness through the post with a long-lasting bouquet of chrysanthemums.