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Our FavouriteAutumn Plants

As we head into autumn and the days get shorter and a little bit colder, you may think the time for plants is over. Luckily for all of us this isn’t the case, and it is still possible to create a display of lovely green foliage and a pop of autumn colour with flowering plants both inside and out!

We’ve rounded up our favourite autumn plants, guaranteed to brighten any corner of the home this season.

How to Care for Indoor Plants in Autumn

Even though indoor plants are protected from the colder weather, this doesn’t mean they are immune to the changing of the seasons. As the amount of daylight decreases in autumn it naturally triggers a response in most house plants telling them to rest. Like us hunkering down in blankets and sitting around a fire to keep warm, your plants decide to go quiet and conserve what energy they have to survive the colder months.

During this period you’ll need give your house plants a little extra TLC to ensure that they are kept happy:


1. Light

Maximise the amount of light your house plants are getting by moving them to somewhere like a conservatory or a west facing or south facing window. You should also clean the leaves by wiping with a damp cloth to increase the amount of light it can absorb.


2. Food & Water

With less light streaming through the windows, your plants aren’t burning as much energy. Reduce how much you water (once every couple of weeks should do) and only fertilise once a month.


3. Temperature

Try to maintain a constant temperature (about 12-18°C) and away from the direct (and fluctuating) heat of a radiator or fire.

Before making these changes check your house plant. Each one needs different care, with some such as the poinsettia or Christmas cactus actually growing in autumn so need more watering and feeding.

Indoor Autumn Plants

We all need a house plant in autumn because they are so good for you! Not only are they guaranteed to add some sunshine to the darker days, some plants such as the spiderplant or dragon tree are air purifying – just what we need as we close our windows and the heating gets switched on more.

Here’s some of our favourite colourful autumn flowering plants that are perfect for creating some happy vibes - perfect if you need a gift for someone who’s feeling a bit low.

Rose Plant

A rose is the ideal way to bring some sunshine vibes into your home even as the colder nights arrive. Although traditionally a summer flowering plant, with the right care and attention it is possible to keep the blooms going into the early autumn months – just remember to give it a rest period once its finished. Keep it looking at its best by placing somewhere with a warm constant temperature and as much light as you can give it.



Cyclamens are one of the brightest ways to bring colour into your home. Easy to care for, this plant can keep on producing its vibrant red, pink and white blooms for about six weeks. Keep it in a cool bright spot (between 10 and 15°C) out of direct sunlight and be careful not to overwater – it’s one of the most common ways to kill a cyclamen!



The attractive kalanchoe will happily produce an abundance of small flowers in either red, pink, yellow, orange or white that last eight weeks. They naturally flower over winter and early spring, but it is possible to get them blooming at any time of the year by providing a rest period that encourages the buds to form. Place these low maintenance plants in a bright spot, only water about once a fortnight and deadhead the fading flowers to keep them looking at their best.


Snake Plant (Sanseveria)

Although not a flowering plant, we’ve included it in our list of favourites due to its powerful properties. With its dynamic display of upward stretching leaves, the snake plant is the master of low maintenance. It even survives being neglected for a while – a perfect gift for a plant growing novice! This plant will grow quite happily in a darker spot and doesn’t even need much watering. Even better, the snake plant has been named (by NASA no less) as one of the best plants for cleaning the air in your home!


Peace Lily

This evergreen plant is incredibly easy to look after and will happily live in a slightly darker spot in your home. The bloom of white flowers usually appears in spring but, with the right conditions, it is possible for them to deliver a second show in autumn. For best results keep it somewhere warm with as much light as possible – but avoid direct sunlight.


Outdoor Autumn Plants

As autumn approaches and the summer flowers start to fade, you might think this is your last chance to see some plants growing in the garden. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of plants hardy enough to grow even as the seasons change.

So, get your borders or window boxes ready with a mix of autumn flowering plants and your outside space is going to positively zing!


No-one can mistake the gorgeous blooms of the pansy with its distinctive display. This little pocket of colour will flower all year round, but they really come into their own during the cooler months. Incredibly easy to grow, they like sun or part shade and regular watering and feeding – a perfect addition to a hanging basket outside of your front door.



Incredibly popular as an indoor houseplant, azaleas also grow happily outside. Most species only flower outdoors between March and June, so look out for the Encore variety which has been developed to create a second bloom in autumn. Available in different tones of pink, red, purple and orange this plant is perfect to create a pot with loads of colour. Plant in a sheltered spot out of the wind and in full sun or partial shade.


Outdoor Autumn Planter

With so many different flowering plants to choose from in autumn why not having a go of mixing them up in a planter to create a real pop of colour. All you need to do is find a large container – you could even upcycle a range of discarded items such as wooden crates or even a metal bucket.

Now for the plants. Although bees are mostly seen flying about in the summer months there are still quite a few hanging around in autumn and they’ll be busy looking for pollen. Create a bee-friendly container using a selection of purple sedum and asters all mixed in with the dark purple of hylotelephium (sedum).

Want to outshine the local stately home? Don’t be afraid to go big! Why not get a large container and plant a small tree in the middle, like the evergreen bay tree, or the Japanese Maple which turns a gorgeous red in autumn. You can then add in a cluster of small flowers around the base such as the autumn crocus or mixture of wildflowers to create a truly stunning display.


Ready to embrace the changing of the seasons? Bring the outside in (minus the chill) with our fabulous range of autumn plants.