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21st May, 2024

21st May, 2024

While we can never say no to a big bunch of fresh and fragrant flowers, we know that paper flowers can be a fun addition to any bouquet or work their stuff as a standalone gift that stands the test of time.

If you're considering making paper flowers but aren't sure where to start, we've rounded up some tried and tested methods to have a go at in your home. It's the ideal rainy weekend craft to try your hand at and can result in some gorgeous artificial blooms you and your loved ones can enjoy


How to make paper flowers

Wondering where to begin when it comes to paper flowers? From origami to crepe paper to all that cutting and sticking with hot glue guns, there's a whole world of choice! Consider these methods, materials and tutorials and choose one that you think will work for you. Happy crafting!

Paper flower crafts – the basic tools

Here's everything you'll likely need to create those floral masterpieces:



Many methods require folding but sometimes you'll need to cut your paper to shape before you begin.


Hot glue gun

The saviour of any craft project, keep one of these close by to hold your paper creations together.



Some tutorials require paper of certain lengths, so dig out that pencil case!


Craft Wire

You may want to use this to create stems or add structure to petals. We recommend choosing craft wire in a dark shade of green.


1. Paper flower origami

The fine art of origami isn't just for making those classic cranes and stars. This ancient technique allows us to create stunning flowers just by folding and bending paper! You can create everything from your typical rose to stunning lotus flowers and even fold paper to construct cool cacti and succulent plants. Origami paper flowers are best for creating: Tulips, Lotus flowers, Lilies, Cacti, Succulents.

Try this tutorial:

This easy tutorial created by Paper Kawaii helps you make adorable origami paper flowers that can add a cheery feature to any shelf or windowsill. You'll just need a square sheet of paper to get started!


2. Crepe paper flowers

Crepe paper is an excellent material for creating beautiful bouquets, as it can be easily cut and folded to make gorgeous petals, plus it's pretty cheap to buy too – ideal if you know there's going to be a few failed attempts at first! Crepe paper flowers are best for creating: Peonies, Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Alliums.

Try this tutorial:

Use crepe paper for a giant, statement flower that can be featured on your bedroom wall or create several to add to a DIY flower wall. The tutorial above by Smile Mercantile will show you how you can make your own paper flowers in any size and colour you like. You'll simply need crepe paper, scissors, a paper plate and a hot glue gun.


3. Tissue paper flowers

Similar to crepe paper, tissue paper is super easy to work with and allows you to create stunning paper flowers that can be enjoyed long after creation. Tissue paper allows you to make ruffled, luxurious paper flowers that look great as standalone creations or part of a bouquet. Tissue paper flowers are best for making:
Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Peonies.

Try this tutorial:

We recommend this easy to follow tutorial from ArtsnCrafts4u. Have fun with the colours of your tissue paper – we love the hot pink – and make your own delicate, fluffy floral arrangements.


4. Thick card paper

A tried and tested material, thick card paper can be cut and curled to create all types of flowers and plants. Card paper creates a stiff finish, which means the flowers won't droop or move once arranged – ideal for oversized creations. Card paper is the best material for creating: Roses, Poppies, Daisies, Anemones.

Try this tutorial:

Many people choose thick card paper for wedding bouquets or table arrangements, here's a tutorial by Jas CraftsAndVlogs to have a go at. We love the way they use a styrofoam ball to create the shape of the bouquet and then push the paper flowers on wire into this to create a rounded finish.


5. Book paper flowers

For many of us, certain stories live on in our hearts long after we have first read them. While some people believe that bending the corners of the pages in the book is a crime, nevermind cutting them up. But you may want to be a rebel and create a bouquet of flowers as a gift for someone or for your own home from the pages of that special story. Book pages are the best material for making: Roses, Carnations, Lilies.

Follow this tutorial:

We love this tutorial by April Sarah, which takes the pages from an old book and shapes them into some stunning roses. These could then be featured in a vase on their own or added to a floral bouquet. Dig out that old paperback and try it for yourself!

Paper flower making tutorials

Looking for more inspiration? No problem! We've rounded up a wide list of other easy to follow tutorials, ready for that slow Sunday afternoon when you fancy being creative.

  • How to make paper flower dahlias Create a dahlia that never wilts with this easy to follow tutorial by DIY Paper Crafts.

  • How to make an origami rose Perfect for Valentine's Day, make your very own rose using an origami folding technique. Try out this method from Origami Tutorials.

  • How to make gypsophila flowers from paper Keep things small, with this tutorial from Aloha Crafts that details how to make delicate gypsophila flowers with paper.

  • Make origami tulips Sadly, tulips only arrive once a year and bloom for just a few days. So, make your very own paper version using this origami tutorial from tsuku cafe.

  • How to make lavender paper flowers Use paper to create realistic, lavender flowers that look striking when featured in a vase. This tutorial from ABC TV shows you how.

  • Make roses out of a music sheet Perfect for a wedding anniversary gift, take the sheet music for your first dance song or a print out of your vows and make these into paper flowers they'll love. Follow this tutorial by Smile Mercantile to make your own.

  • Create your own tissue paper alliums We love allium flowers, with their fun spherical shape and bright colours. But instead of only enjoying these beauties in the garden, make your own tissue paper version to enjoy at home. Check out this tutorial by Being Artistic to learn how.

  • How to make a paper sunflower Add a little sunshine to your home with this tutorial from DIY BigBoom for a crepe paper sunflower that can be enjoyed all year round.

  • How to make a rose using toilet paper Who said you need to go to your craft shop at all? You can make a stunning flower using something you already have lying around the house – toilet roll! Check out this tutorial by Dreamposy to find another use for your TP.

  • Make easy twisted crepe paper roses Perfect for beginners, make some stunning roses by simple twisting and folding crepe paper. Follow this tutorial to learn how.

  • Bring spring in with paper cherry blossoms Master the art of origami and fold your paper to create pretty cherry blossoms that look great scattered on windowsills or inside glass vases. Take a look at this tutorial by Kompi Art and have a go.

  • How to make paper cacti These exotic plants look great in paper form, follow Paper Kawaii's tutorial to make some sweet cacti featured in their very own paper planters.

  • Make your own marigolds We love marigolds, these bright and beautiful flowers are symbols of joy and even make an appearance in the famous Day of the Dead celebrations, leading spirits back to their loved ones. Learn how to make your own with paper here.

  • How to make a paper flower bouquet Don't do things by halves, make a full bouquet of paper roses for that special someone. Follow this tutorial from Komp Art.

  • How to make fuzzy paper flowers These big and bold paper creations make a statement. Check out this tutorial by Creativity Window and learn how to create your own.

The best uses for paper flowers

So you've made your stunning floral arrangements, now what? Here are just a few ways to make use of your paper flowers.

  • Bouquets – Want to give them a gift they'll cherish long after? Then paper flowers are perfect for creating a pretty bouquet.
  • 1st wedding anniversary gift – It's traditional for brides and grooms celebrating their first wedding anniversary to give gifts made of paper.
  • Wedding bouquet – If you're having a book-themed wedding then why not take pages from your favourite novels and shape these into flowers, to feature in your bouquet!
  • Wreaths – Want to create a wreath you can enjoy year after year? Whether you want to add a little brightness to your door during the summer months or create an autumnal themed look for the end of the year, paper flowers lend themselves perfectly. Just be sure to bring them inside if it rains!

Keep hold of those special paper petals and posies forevermore with our tips on how to make paper flowers.