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How to UseEdible Flowers

25th August, 2019

25th August, 2019

6 Ways to use Edible Flowers in Food

As well as popping flowers in a vase, you can also pop them in the oven! Edible flowers are becoming increasingly popular with our food from prettying up our cakes and bakes to pepping up salads, jellies and cordials. But eating flowers isn’t just something fancy chefs and The Great British Bake Off have revived - medieval monks were using Calendula in their cooking pots and the Victorians topped desserts with candied Violets, associating them with elegance. Carnations, Day Lily and Nasturtium petals were also thought to be good for you with body-cleansing properties as well as attractive garnishes, says GardenGuides.com.

So why not give your food a blooming twist? We’ve picked our favourite floral recipes for you to try:


1. Granola lemon yoghurt

Back in the day, breakfast was boring porridge. But now you can even enjoy a little piece of Spring for breakfast! This simple-to-make lemon yoghurt creme is topped off with almonds, blueberries, granola and vibrant pansies, nasturtiums and carnations to give it that wow factor.

Find the recipe here...


2. Flowerfetti cake

Inspired by this year’s Great British Bake Off botanical week? Then cook up this colourful flower petal confetti cake. A rainbow showstopper perfect for a party or make it for your wedding anniversary to remind you of your big day and the confetti that got everywhere!

Find the recipe here...


3. Spring flower lollipops

I loved old-fashioned suckers like Drumsticks and Traffic Lights! You can give lollies a floral twist by popping a viola flower head or petal in hot candy and add a lolly stick - and hey presto, you have the most gorgeous sweet treat. Almost too pretty to eat…

Find the recipe here...


4. Violet macaroons with violet and vanilla bean buttercream

Remember when afternoon tea was a cake slice and a cuppa? Now it’s turned into a banquet with sandwiches, scones, macaroons and Prosecco! Treat yourself to afternoon tea at home with these dainty macarons, topped off with tempting violets and an indulgent buttercream.

Find the recipe here...


5. Violet flower cupcakes

Remember when Parma Violets were THE sweet to eat? Have fun with the grandchildren making these coconut treats topped off with violet buttercream, candied violets and a little violet surprise in each…

Find the recipe here...


So if the winter weather’s getting you down, make your bakes blossom with a splash of spring colour!



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