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It goes without saying that friendships are incredibly important in our lives. They are the people we can have a laugh with, moan to about all our problems and they will always be by our side through the good times and the bad.

Every year there are plenty of big occasions for us to celebrate the important people in our lives – there are days dedicated to our Mums and Dads, our partners and those we love. But when it comes to our mates it isn’t such a big deal. It can be very easy to take our besties for granted.

We all need to take a bit of time out now and again and stop and thank them for everything they do. After all we’d be lost without our friends.



What does friendship mean? Well, if you look at the definition it means ‘a state of enduring affection, esteem, intimacy and trust between two people.’ But we all know that it goes much further than that. Let’s be honest as human beings we are inherently social creatures, and we don’t survive very well without our friends.

Studies have shown that a strong, loyal and close friendship has a huge impact on our mental and physical health. Enjoying a get together with your besties, having a drink, enjoying a good meal and having a side aching laugh will encourage your brain to release endorphins. This produces an opiate-like effect of relaxation and warmth which in turn makes us much more resilient to stress and gives your immune system a boost. A solid friendship has also been proven to increase your life expectancy - pretty good huh!

Our friends feature so highly on our radar that there has even been a move towards a growing trend called Galentine’s Day. If you haven’t heard of this ‘unofficial’ day it’s held every year on 13th February (the day before Valentine’s day) and it’s all about celebrating your besties. The perfect chance to get dressed up and heading out for a meal and a drink and a good old laugh.



For hundreds of years flowers have been used to convey emotions and messages and that includes blooms to represent the relationship we have with our friends.

So, what flowers mean friendships? The first one you need to look at is the rose. We know that for a long time this bloom in red has been the ultimate symbol of love, but if you choose a yellow rose, it actually stands for friendship. If your bestie has stuck by you during a difficult period, why not send them an overflowing bouquet of these blooms to say thank you.

In fact, yellow is the ultimate colour of friendship - not surprising really when you consider how bright and happy it looks. So, if you were looking for another flower then choose one in this colour. Opt for some daffodils which represent unequalled love, or sunflowers which are guaranteed sunshine in a vase.

If yellow isn’t your thing, then you could send a bunch of the incredibly delicate alstroemeria which symbolise devotion and friendship. They come in the most gorgeous range of colours including red, pink, orange and purple.

If you haven’t been able to see your best besties in a long time, then you might want to send them a bouquet of zinnia - this happy looking bloom is all about sending loving thoughts to absent friends.



It doesn’t stop at flowers either, plants can also be sent to say thank you for that wonderful friendship.

For this one you really need to look at Pilea Involucrata with its rick bronze and silver leaves, which has earned itself the nickname of the Friendship Plant. Or you could look at the Pilea Peperomioides (Chinse Money Plant) which has the nickname of the Pass It On Plant – named simply because this plant is easy to grow and propagate, giving you the chance to create some new plants and then share the offspring with your friends.

If you’re looking for a plant that represents the bond with your besties, then you could look at the popular ivy. Due to its ability to thrive in almost any environment and the way the plant grows, it is said to stand for the strong ties and love that continue to grow from a close friendship.

If you know someone who is moving house very soon or about to take on a new adventure, then you must send them a jade plant. As well as friendship, this little succulent represents prosperity in homes and good luck.



One of the best ways to celebrate our friends is to plan some activities together.

If you are friends who love a pamper then a spa day is the perfect solution. You could either book yourself into one for that perfect, relaxing and enjoyable day away. Alternatively, create your own at home - you will need relaxing candles, an assortment of relaxing spa treatments and of course a bottle of bubbly. Finish off the perfect day by ordering in a takeaway. What could be better!

If you’re stuck in a bit of a rut, why don’t you organise an adventure. You can tailor it to suit your budget. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go walking up a mountain, or biking along a scenic trail (you could pack a fabulous picnic to enjoy enroute) or perhaps there a far-flung destination that you’ve always wanted to visit. Whatever you have in mind we can guarantee it will be far more enjoyable getting your friends involved!

Or just keep it simple with a games night. If games aren’t your thing, why not plan a retro movie marathon. Choose a selection of classic films from your childhood days. Line up the nibbles and drinks, settle in and have a good reminisce.

Maybe you’ve all wanted to try something new, so consider booking yourself on to a festive wreath making or flower arranging course, or pop down to a pottery café (crafts and cake - what more could you ask for) and get making your very own masterpiece. You could even create a new vase to put all your flowers in!

So don’t wait for your friends to get in touch. Give them a ring, organise a get together and send them a bunch of flowers, just to show how much you love them!