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May BirthFlower

Fancy bringing an extra special touch to a May birthday present? Send them a birthday bouquet featuring their birth month flower. If you’ve not heard of them before, birth month flowers represent the month you were born in. That’s right, for every month of the year there are one or two flowers that represent the month you are born. Usually, they are chosen because this is the month the flowers are bursting forth.

Read on and we’ll let you know which is the May birth flower and the history behind the bloom. We’ll also explain which flower best represents the personality of the person born in May, so you can make sure their birthday is filled with extra joy.

What Is The Birth Flower For May?

If you know someone born in May, you’re in luck because there are two gorgeous flowers to choose from. The first one is the instantly recognisable Lily of the Valley while the second is a slightly more unusual choice, the Hawthorn.

It has to be said that Lily of the Valley is an incredibly popular flower. Did you know it was featured in the wedding bouquets of Princess of Wales, Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn and Miranda Kerr? Yep, that’s right, these teeny tiny blooms beautifully complement classic bridal dresses. It is even said to be the favourite flower of the late Queen Elizabeth II and appeared in the Queen’s coronation bouquet in 1953.

It’s easy to see why. Found commonly in woodlands and meadows, their delicately bending bell-shaped flowers look stunning spread across the countryside. With such a distinctive scent, its delicate aroma has famously been used in high-end perfumes, including Dior's Diorissimo Eau de Parfum and Yves Saint Laurent's Opium. Just remember one important fact, this flower contains glycosides which can be toxic to people and your pets – handle with care!

The other, less well known, option for May is the Hawthorn. This one is also known as the May Tree or May Flower and for one very simple reason; throughout May it delivers a burst of flowers. It’s more of a country hedge than a plant but it is easy to grow as a tree in most gardens. This is also the plant that keeps on giving, as not only throughout May will each stem deliver a mass of small blooms in the most gorgeous white and pink colours, but head into autumn and the Hawthorn produces a mass of red berries known as haws. Both look equally fabulous when you pop them into your vase.

The Hawthorn is not just a pretty face either, it can also provide health benefits. The plant is non-poisonous (making them a perfect gift for those with pets) and ever since Roman times the berries, flowers and leaves have been used in both traditional medicine and food. For example, they have been used to treat conditions like heart disease, blood pressure, and inflammation as well as alternatively used for yummy treats like jellies, wines, and syrups.


Meaning Behind May Birth Flower

Fancy adding some birth month flower power to your birthday bouquet? We explain the meanings behind each bloom so that you can choose the one that perfectly matches their personality.

For anyone born in the first part of May, choose the beautiful Hawthorn. This flower standards for hope, faith and longevity which is everything you’ll find in your Taurean. Someone born under the star sign of Taurus is known to be a steadfast and dependable friend who believes strongly in their values.

Let’s not forget those born in late May – Geminis. These guys are the life of the party, the chatterboxes. They can effortlessly strike up a conversation with almost any group and deliver the hope and happiness of hawthorn flowers. They also have a magical charm which is just like our friend the Hawthorn. In Celtic mythology, the plant is often referred to as a fairy tree and was said to provide shelter for fairies and act as their guardian.

That doesn’t mean the gorgeous Lily of the Valley doesn’t get a look in. This flower in the wild will spread quickly, filling up every space it can find. You could almost say it has a determination and stubbornness found in Taureans. That’s not to say anyone born in the first part of the month doesn’t also have a softer side. They love a bit of luxury, just like the elegance of beauty which lily of the valley stands for. In fact, did you know this flower was used in medieval England as part of a romantic courtship tradition? It is said that young men would place these flowers on the doorstep of a girl they admired and if she wore it in her hair, it was likely a sign of mutual affection.

Don’t forget those born in the last part of May. Lily of the Valley, just like the Hawthorn, also represents happiness and joy in your heart. Well, we certainly feel happier when a Gemini enters the room! You should also look to their star sign – the twins – which represents the two faces of a Gemini. A bit like the gorgeous Lily of the Valley which, despite taking the name, is completely unrelated to the Lily family and is actually a member of the Asparagus family!


May Flower Names

If you’ve got a baby due in this month and are looking for some name inspiration, what better way to kick off the list than with the name May? It’s almost a given and, even better, it’s a beautiful choice. If you want to shake it up a bit, you could go with alternative spellings such as Mae, Mei, and Mai or go with the extended spelling of Maya, which means water, or Maia meaning ‘mother’. You can even switch this up as a name for boys by going with a modern twist of Mayson. You can also spell this one in various ways, such as Mason, Maysen, Macen, or Masen.

Why not take inspiration from our other birth flower, Lily of the Valley. For a girl, you could go for Lily; not only is this one a timeless choice but it also symbolises her sweetness and purity. Or choose a longer version of this name such as Elizabeth or Lilian. You could even go with the historical links of this bloom - it is said to have symbolised the tears of the Virgin Mary. Names like Mary or Eve are perfect for a girl or choose Adam for a boy.

For those born under the sign of Gemini, the name 'Gemini' itself is a unique and celestial choice. Variations like Gemella, Jemima or simply Gem could also be considered, reflecting their sparkling personality. Additionally, names associated with air, such as Sky, Lyra, and Luna, would complement the air sign of Gemini beautifully.


Feeling clued up? Send the May baby a beautiful birthday bouquet that is guaranteed to add extra joy to their day.