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Does Happiness Help Healing?

The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting with Nature

Psychological Benefits of Indoor Plants in Workplaces: Putting Experimental Results into Context.

Acts of Kindness and Acts of Novelty Affect Life Satisfaction

The Impact of Horticultural Responsibility on Health Indicators and Quality of Life in Assisted Living

Lavender Bath Oil Reduces Stress and Crying and Enhances Sleep in Very Young Infants.

Interior Planting on Health

Olfactory Stimulus Modifies Nightime

'Say it… Near the Flower Shop': Further Evidence of the Effects of Flowers on Mating.

An environmental approach to positive emotion

Office Plants Boost Well-Being at Work. University of Exeter.

Effect of Crocetin from Gardenia Jasminoides Ellis on Sleep

Physical Discomfort may be reduced in the presence of interior plants.

Interior Plants May Improve Worker Productivity and Reduce Stress in a Windowless Environment.

Effects of Flowering and Foliage Plants in Hospital Rooms .

The Influence of a Green Environment

Jasmine as valium substitute.

Effects of Indoor Foliage Plants on Subjects' Recovery from Mental Fatigue.

View Through a Window May Influence Recovery From Surgery

The Benefits of Children Gardening.

Can Nature Make Us More Caring?
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