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You just can’t beat a rose bouquet. Whether you’re celebrating love with classic red roses or want to brighten their day with cheery yellow roses, a rose bouquet is sure to put a smile on their face. Plus every gorgeous bunch comes with free delivery!

Surprise them with a bouquet of roses

Roses are a classic for a reason – timeless and always beautiful, delicate roses are a favourite in any bouquet. Needless to say, these beauties are definitely not just for Valentine’s Day, show a little love all year round with a rose delivery.

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All our gorgeous roses are delivered for free across the UK by our trusted delivery partner. They’re packed safely in our specially designed boxes so they should arrive looking fresh and fabulous, even when posted through the letterbox. All of our roses arrive with their guard petals on - these are clever petals that simply do just that; they guard the rose flower from harm when being sent by post. If the roses arrive with outer petals that look a little sad, don't worry, just gently remove them.

Need your roses delivered tomorrow? Whether it's a spur-of-the-moment gift to sweep them off their feet, or a last-minute anniversary gift (we won't tell!), we've got you covered. Just be sure to order your rose bouquet by 7.45pm (weekdays) to guarantee their delivery for the very next day.

Roses are one of the most popular types of flower - they're often appearing in our fresh flower bouquets! All flowers are said to convey different meanings, so what is the meaning of a rose? Well, it all depends on the colour.

  • Red roses are the ultimate love symbol. Sweep them off their feet with a dozen red roses this Valentine's Day, or spoil them with a heartstopping bouquet of 50 red roses for your anniversary.
  • Yellow roses are a cheery pick-me-up and the official flower of friendship - the perfect bunch to brighten their day.
  • Pink roses are said to represent gratitude - a great choice to say thanks to mum.
  • White roses are said to mean innocence and simplicity, as well as symbolising new beginnings - whether that's in a bridal bouquet or to celebrate a new baby.
  • Rainbow roses, with their vibrant pop of colour, are said to mean happiness and joy. We can't argue with that!

The number of roses are also significant. A single rose suggests love at first sight, whilst a classic dozen represents true love. If you're utterly devoted, then it's time to shower them in 100 roses.

Want to find out more? We've rounded everything you need to know in our handy guide to roses.

All of our flower bouquets come with a 7-day freshness guarantee, and that includes our rose bouquets. With the right care, your roses should last 7-14 days.

We've already mentioned that your roses will arrive with their guard petals on (these are the outer petals of the flower that might look a bit brown). Simply remove them, snip the stems at a 45 degree angle - be careful of any thorns - and pop the bouquet in a vase of fresh water with any flower food. Pop your roses somewhere where you can admire them, but avoid direct sunlight or anywhere too draughty.

If you want to preserve the love that came with your rose bouquet, it's simple. Roses are one of the eaisest flowers to dry, and you can do so many things with dried rose petals - from making confetti, to rose petals infused with essential oils, to potpourri. Here's our guide on how to dry roses, so you can make the love last for longer.

Of course! If you want to make your gift that bit more special, we've got a range of lovely little extras that you can send with your rose bouquet. Choose from a box of delicious chocolates, an adorable plush or a stylish vase for the perfect ready-made gift.