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Happy birthdaywishes for a friend

21st May, 2024

21st May, 2024

Show your bestie you care by sending them a happy birthday message – wherever in the world they are! Make your friend’s special day that little bit better with a bunch of beauties and a heartfelt birthday message to let them know you’re thinking of them. After all, friends are the family you choose.

What to Write in a Happy Birthday Message for a Friend

Sometimes it can be hard to craft the perfect birthday wishes for a friend. You’re looking for a heartfelt comment that isn’t too cheesy but has just enough of the good stuff to bring a smile to your friend’s face.

Take it back to basics – sending a birthday message should be easy. You just need to wish them a fabulous day and celebrate the fact they’ve been your friend for another year.

For an extra special birthday wishes card, make it personal by including your favourite anecdote or memory. That way, when they read your message, they’ll be reminded of something truly special between the two of you.

Simple Birthday Wishes for a Friend

If you don’t fancy yourself as a wordsmith or you’re not a gushy pair, simple birthday wishes can be just as effective. Here’s a list of short birthday wishes for a friend that are sure to brighten up their big day:

“Happy birthday. I hope you have a day as fabulous as you.”

“Today is all about you – so enjoy it! Happy Birthday!”

“Cheers to another trip around the sun! Happy Birthday!”

“Have a drink on me. Happy Birthday!”

“Cheers! Enjoy your birthday!”

“Happy birthday. Hope you have a special day.”

“You deserve a fabulous day. Have a great birthday!”

“Happy birthday! Have the best day.”

“Sending you a birthday hug wrapped up in this card.”

“Raising a toast to my favourite person. Happy birthday!”


Best Friend Quotes and Wishes

For your very best friend, you want to go the extra mile to show them they’re truly special to you. For these happy birthday wishes, why not get a bit more personal and share some of the things you love the most about your best friend?

We’ve put together a list of birthday wishes you can start your card with:

“No one gets me like you do. Happy birthday to my soul sister.”

“There’s no better time to say it than your birthday, so thanks for being my favourite person. Happy birthday!”

“Thank you for bringing out the best in me. Happy birthday to my best friend.”

“A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend knows when to keep quiet. Happy birthday!”

“Thank you for always being there. I hope you have the best birthday.”


Funny Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Birthday wishes are a great opportunity to have some fun and send a message designed to make your friend laugh. Here are some of our favourite funny birthday wishes you could use for your friend’s birthday:

“Another year older (but maybe not wiser). Have a great birthday!”

“Great friends age like fine wine. So have a glass (or two) to celebrate your birthday.”

“At least you’re younger than you will be next year. Happy birthday!”

“Have a great birthday! I suggest you don’t count the number of candles.”

“Happy birthday! (Being friends with me is the only gift you need)”

“Age is just a number… just happens to be a really high one in your case!”

“Everyone is young once. Sorry your turn is over! Happy birthday.”


Milestone Birthday Wishes for a Friend

For big milestone years your birthday message should be even more special, whether it’s welcoming a friend into adulthood, celebrating your bestie’s 21st or teasing your work colleague for turning the big 5-0.

18th Birthday Wishes

“Happy birthday! Welcome to adulthood (it’s a real blast!).”

“Level 18 – unlocked! Happy birthday!”

“Happy 18th birthday. Drinks are on you tonight!”

“18 at last! Welcome to adulthood! Happy birthday.”

“Look who’s 18! Enjoy getting your first round in. Happy birthday!”


21st Birthday Messages

“You’re officially 21! And still looking fabulous – congratulations!”

“Congratulations on turning the big 21.”

“Celebrate your 21st in style. Have a fabulous day!”

“You deserve all the happiness in the world. Happy 21st birthday.”

“Happy 21st birthday. It’s all downhill from here.”


30th Birthday Messages

“30 and fabulous. No one can pull off ageing better than you!”

“The BIG 3-0! Old enough to have a drink, young enough to get someone else to pay! Happy birthday.”

“You’re not really 30, just 21 with 9 years of experience. Happy 30th birthday!”

“Happy 29(+1)th birthday! Here's to the next 30!”

“Happy 30th birthday! Don’t worry, I’m always kind to my elders.”


50th Birthday Messages

“The BIG 5-0. What took you so long? Happy birthday.”

“Welcome to your 50’s (at least we get to muddle through it together!).”

“The world is so lucky to have had half a century of you.”

“50 is the new 21! Happy birthday and here’s to many more together.”

“Happy 50th birthday. Don’t worry, retro is back in style!”


60th Birthday Wishes

“Happy 60th birthday to my best friend.”

“Congratulations on reaching another milestone and looking so good for it!”

“Happy 60th birthday. The perfect excuse to raise a toast and celebrate!”

“Happy birthday! Hope your 60th is as fabulous as you!”

“Happy 60th. You’re now a proper vintage! Happy birthday!”


Unique Birthday Wishes for a Friend

The best way to make your birthday message unique is to include a personal detail about your friend. You could slip your favourite photograph of you together inside the card (old ones are especially good!), for a surprise when they open it. Or add a favourite memory that you’ve shared together.

The Best Birthday Flowers for a Friend

To complement your happy birthday wishes, send a bunch of floral beauties to your friend to brighten up their birthday.

Choose the perfect birthday flowers to match your friend’s personality. Cheerful tulips or sunny sunflowers are always great for birthdays. Lilies are also a good choice as they symbolise positivity and happiness – not to mention making a dramatic statement with their spectacular large petals.

For an extra thoughtful gift, why not send them their birth flower? Not only will a lovely bouquet brighten their home, but it’ll give that extra wow factor.

However you share your birthday wishes, your friends will know you care. Whether you opt for a simple message or an extravagant card full of personal anecdotes – it’s the thought that counts.


Choose the perfect birthday gift to accompany your birthday message and make your friend’s birthday (big or small) one to remember.