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Spring Plants

Bring spring in with gorgeous spring plants. Long-lasting and bursting with colour, these plants will put a spring in their step (and yours too – because they come with free delivery!)

Why we love spring plants

Perfect for bringing a little natural beauty indoors, these gorgeous spring plants make great gifts – after all who doesn’t love a new plant pal? Whether you opt for a colourful flowering plant like a potted rose, or want to add a touch of greenery with a classic fern, our fabulous range of houseplants will be sure to bring sunshine to their (or your!) home.

Get spring plants delivered

Our spring plants all come with free delivery. They’re delivered across the UK after being secured safely in our bright and beautiful packaging. No soil flying about, just a gorgeous plant flying to them (or you!). Just like our flowers, our plants are delivered in bud so they’re fabulously fresh when they arrive - you might just need to give them a quick drink.

The best spring flowering plants

Can't choose between flowers or a plant? Get the best of both worlds with our flowering plants! From our colourful range of indoor rose plants, to our elegantly white peace lily, or our calla lily in a deep purple, we have something for everyone to add a pop of colour to your home this spring.

Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or just because, plants are the perfect gift that keep on giving for any occasion.

Houseplants for every home

Choosing the perfect houseplant is one thing, but knowing where to put it is another. Would your peace lily be better in the bedroom or bathroom? Do you need to jazz up your office but not sure which plant will work best? Are you lacking space but want to add a touch of personality? We've rounded up the most popular houseplants and the best places to put them around your home.

Plant Inspiration