How to Pick the Best Flowers
for Home and Garden this Summer

Angela Milnes is an Award winning family lifestyle blogger at The Inspiration Edit. She writes about family life, having fun and creating a peaceful and beautiful home environment. In this blog, she shares with us how to make your home and garden bloom this summer.

The one thing I love at this time of year is the fact I can get in the garden and plant beautiful flowers ready for the Summer Season. I like to grow flowers in the garden and display them around my home. I’m not sure what it is that I enjoy the most: seeing the beauty that comes when flowers bloom or enjoying the lingering smell of fresh flowers that fill the air. Either way, my home and garden will be blooming throughout the Summer months and I look forward to it very much.

Gorgeous flowers really do add to that Summer feeling we all want to enjoy.

Which flowers are best for Summer?

Summer has arrived and I want to buy flowers for the home. But, which ones do I choose? Well, there are plenty to choose from.

From the bold Beardtongue to the regal Gaillardia, the hardy Zinnia to bright and colourful Peonies, seasonal flowers bring a welcome splash of colour to the home and garden.

Other popular Summer flowers to look out for are the Plumeria, the Periwinkle, the Gerbera and let’s not forget golden Sunflowers which can look lovely planted in a row or as a single flower cleverly placed in the home.

I love to have a vase of lush Summer blooms in my home during the Summer months. It always brightens up the room and brings a peaceful calm into the empty spaces. In fact last month my husband surprised me with a bunch of bright and beautiful Tulips. It was such a lovely sentiment and put a bright smile on my face each time I saw them.

Flowers to plant in your garden to bloom for Summer

Now that Summer is approaching, it’s time for us to get into the garden and begin planting bulbs for the Summer months. My favourite seasonal flowers are Biennials, Canterbury Bells, Foxgloves, Wallflowers and Sweet Williams. I also love the Black Eyed Susan, Dahlias, Marigold and Wood Sorrels.

Black Eyed Susan

Canterbury Bell




Sweet Williams

Thistle Biennal


Wood Sorrel

There are plenty of flowers which bloom this time of year. I’m sure you’ve seen the popular Peony, the beauty of the Hibiscus and most people are familiar with the divine therapeutic smell of the Lavender plant.

Planting Lavender in the Garden is fantastic for the Summer Months, plus, you can never have enough! This one is a favourite of mine and I love to use it in a variety of ways. A vase of fresh Lavender can be very relaxing but I also love to use Lavender in wheat packs, as part of displays and as a fresh scent for my drawers.

Essential tools for planting Summer flowers

So if you’re a beginner when it comes to gardening you may need a few items to ensure you get your Summer plants and flowers planted on time and in the best possible way.

My first essential item is a good durable pair of gardening gloves. Sometimes your hands can get a little rough especially when you have green fingers, so making sure you have strong gardening gloves and a good quality hand cream is really important.

Gardening gloves can also help prevent cuts and calluses forming and keep your hands in top condition. Having an extra layer of protection for the hands can really give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your planting experience keeping your hands smooth and fresh.

Next, I’d recommend purchasing a hand trowel. Trowels are great for planting, digging around corners and removing weeds to enable your Summer bulbs to bloom.

You might want to purchase planters for your flowers or if you’re planting directly in the garden you may need a strong spade with a thick handle.

Last but not least you will need a long enough hose to allow you to water your Summer blooms when the weather is too hot. Keeping the flowers well hydrated is super important especially during the hottest months.

Ways to decorate the home with Flowers this Summer

There are so many wonderful ways to use Summer flowers in the home, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite ideas. My number one way to display flowers is, and will always be, using a vase.

I have plenty of vases in my home. My favourite is a huge Lemon vase I got last Summer. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I love to be able to place a bunch of Summer Flowers into my vase and have it as a centrepiece in the lounge.

There are lots of different sized vases from large and long to short and round. I’ve recently seen a popular trend for tiny vases with single flower stems. They always look super cute.

Another way I like to decorate the home when the Summer Flowers have bloomed is by using hanging planters. Hanging planters are gorgeous and this season there are plenty of colourful planters available to buy. Geometrics are big this year and three geometric planters in a row could look very effective with the right flowers this Summer.

One wonderful way to decorate the home could be to create a Summer Flower basket. A flower basket can look gorgeous and smell absolutely divine. You may want to choose one type of flower, maybe a bunch of Marigolds and wrap green foliage around the basket handle to create a lovely looking basket for the home. Alternatively, if you could collect a whole bunch of different Summer blooms and create an assortment of flowers to display in the hallway or the bathroom area. Flower baskets can look stunning and bring such beauty to the home in the Summer season.

Another fun idea might be to use a Cake Stand to display Summer flowers. You could cut and style your blooms on a cake stand or a bamboo chopping board. You might want to get flowers from the garden or visit a flower specialist to find a range of Summer Blooms to enable you to create the perfect flower display for your home.

Cleverly styled flower displays, beautiful vases and planters can really lift the mood in Summer and there are so many options to make the home beautiful. You can begin to get your home Summer ready by planting gorgeous Summer blooms and start thinking about the ways in which you will decorate your home with flowers this Summer.