Summer Flowers

The Best Summer Flower

The warm summer months are a time for many varieties of flower to shine, as they soak up all the goodness of the sun's rays and brighten up outdoor spaces. We know the feeling all too well, as we also flock outdoors with our loungers and suncream to bask in the sunshine.

The Best Plants for Bees

The Best Plants for Bees

Bees: they are nature’s busy little workers and we love them. From the first touch of spring, they’re up and ready to pollinate, keeping our ecosystem moving. But, without the right flowers and plants, bees can’t do their job which is essential to our survival. Sadly, the bee population isn’t what it used to be and our fuzzy little friends are facing some hard times ahead. So, how can we help? By finding out what flowers bees like of course!

Baby Shower Decorations

9 DIY Baby Shower Decorations

A new arrival around the corner means it’s time to celebrate. A baby shower is a brilliant way to share in the excitement and show your support. But like any party it takes a little bit of planning if you want it to be just right – that’s where we come in.


Everything you need to know

Lilies add a little excitement to any bouquet with their exotic vibes and 'look at me' colour palette. The flower itself is also shrouded in mystery and myth, with ties to ancient Greek stories and the era of the Egyptians. Just one of the many reasons why we love them.


Everything you need to know

We've been enjoying carnations since the time of the Ancient Greeks and our love for these lush blooms won't go away anytime soon. In fact, our story started with a sweet bunch of carnations sent to a loved one in the post, way back in 1981, and we've been sending these stunning flowers across the country ever since!

Spring Home Decor Ideas

Is that the sound of the boiler clicking off for the last time? Must mean spring is here! Thank goodness for that.

Does this mean you're now planning a spring clean that would put Mrs Hinch to shame? Then jazz up your home at the same time with a little spring-themed decor.


Everything you need to know

Always a favourite at springtime, freesias are those delicate many-petaled blooms that we love to feature in small posies on windowsills or plant in our front gardens. With the nickname 'ballerina', inspired by the dainty but elegant shape of the flowers on the stem, it's not hard to see why they're a popular choice in the UK.


Everything you need to know

Considered to be the Instagrammer's flower of choice – the hashtag #peonies has been used nearly 2.8 million times on the app – peonies are luscious, luxurious and larger than life.

Birth Month Flowers

What's Your Birth Month Flower?

Are you an early January bloomer or a summer sprout? Whatever time of year you celebrate your birthday, did you know that the month you were born is assigned a flower? Like star signs or birthstones, these flowers are said to represent the individuals who are born in that month in some shape or form.


Everything you need to know:

Romance. Love. Luxury. It's safe to say that roses are the ultimate symbol of all things dreamy and passionate. Roses are, in fact, one of the most popular types of flower – number one above lilies, tulips and daffodils, for many of us Brits – and it's not hard to see why.

Spring Flowers

Top 10 Flowers That Bloom In Spring

This spring we can expect to see scattered daffodils in the morning and an increase in tulips by the afternoon. Pleasant temperatures should encourage peonies to rear their heads near the latter end of the season while freesias will show up in surprise bouquets, hand-delivered to front doors.

National Day of Reflection

We’re proud to support the new National Day of Reflection, 23rd March 2021

A day where we come together to reflect on those lost since the first UK lockdown, support people who are grieving, and find hope for the future.

Mother's Day Messages and Quotes

40 Mother’s Day Messages & Quotes – from funny to cute

She’s your hero, your best mate, your number one mum, but how do you tell her? What if you get the words wrong? Don’t panic, we’ve had a good rummage in the dictionary and put together a bumper list of messages to help you if you’re stuck.

The Best Flowers For Mother's Day

8 of the Most Popular Flowers for Mum

Mums are heroes. Fact. They juggle a million jobs a day and somehow still find time to give us love and attention (they must have super powers!). That’s why they deserve the best Mother’s Day, complete with blooms as brilliant and as beautiful as they are. The only question is...which ones?

Valentine's Messages

30 Funny and Cute Valentine’s Messages & Quotes

Need a little help getting the language of love flowing? We’ve got you covered. Here are all sorts of Valentine’s Day messages, plus some Valentine’s Day quotes, you can use for inspiration.

Romantic Valentine's Ideas

You don’t need to buy a truckload of teddies to show your love on Valentine’s Day.

A thoughtful, homemade gift (plus a beautiful bunch of blooms of course) can work absolute wonders. DIY gifts show you’ve really put the effort in, they’re entirely original, and they can help you out of those inevitable present-giving ruts if you’ve been together a while.

And don’t be put off by the DIY factor. You can make some really amazing gifts with just a little bit of work – you don’t need to be a master craftsperson, we promise.

new Home Messages

Perfect new home messages, wishes and quotes

The boxes are all packed and the keys are in their hands. It’s time to welcome them to their new home! With that comes a whole host of new adventures, like deciding what colour to paint the bedroom or which tiles would look best in the kitchen. So of course you want to help them celebrate by sending them a beautiful new home gift along with a card filled with warm wishes.

But, don’t worry if you’re no good with words because we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of heat-warming, funny and inspiring new home messages & quotes to get you started (or finished).

New Year Wishes

Cheers to new beginnings! But before you start planning those gruelling resolutions and clinking the champagne glasses there's probably a few people close to you that you want to wish a very Happy New Year.

Pair your New Year wishes with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and they'll be off to a great start and ready to tackle whatever January has to throw at them. Unless it's a new exercise regime, in that case, they'll probably do great until the 12th January aka Quitters' Day.

But for now, we've rustled up a range of inspirational messages to consider adding to the all-important gift note in that bunch of blooms or an accompanying card.

New Year's Resolutions

The Christmas tree is packed away, you ate more chocolate than you care to admit and you’ve made a note to buy more lights for the tree next year – that's the 2020 festivities complete.

Now let’s look into the future and what the next year can bring – any year has to be better than the one just passed, right? Plus, with a new year comes new opportunities and new year’s resolutions. Now, we have all set a new year’s resolution or two at least once in our lives – whether it’s to walk 10,000 steps a day or to eat less chocolate – resolutions can be great and have been proven to help break habits and create new ones.

10 of The Most Popular Christmas Plants

Add a little festive cheer to your front door, with a homemade wreath. But don't panic! You don't need to be skilled in the art of floristry to create one of these welcoming arrangements.

In this guide, we've featured a range of easy step by step tutorials detailing how to make your own wreath. You'll have so much fun you won't stop at your door, but your friends and family's entranceways too. Choose from our selection of inspiring wreaths below and capture some of that festive spirit.

Christmas Decor Ideas

Jingle those bells and deck those halls, it's time for the C bomb to be well and truly dropped. After this tumultuous year, maybe you want to mix things up a bit with your Christmas decor, swapping your tried and trusted decorative pieces for new and improved ones.

With this in mind, we've rustled up more Christmas decor ideas than you can shake a turkey leg at with everything from DIY decorations to themes that you can introduce to your humble abode. Put on that Christmas playlist and feel inspired with our list below.

Flowers That Bloom in Winter

You may think that come winter it's time to swap those brightly coloured and fragrant flowers that have filled your home throughout summer for just a Christmas tree and holly. Maybe, you neglect the garden in the colder months, only venturing outside to it again when the daffodils start to sprout in spring.

But, it doesn't have to be this way! Keep those gorgeous vases out and pick up your favourite pair of gardening gloves because there are plenty of winter blooms to see you through until spring. These hardy flowers make a lovely, colourful display inside and outside the home, especially on those grey days. And, for that extra festive touch, add a sprig of holly or a few pinecones for your very own winter wonderland.

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...an alternative to a Christmas tree!

Okay, we might not be your true love – or maybe we are, we're flattered – but we do have some incredible alternative Christmas tree ideas just for you.

How to Make a Wreath

Add a little festive cheer to your front door, with a homemade wreath. But don't panic! You don't need to be skilled in the art of floristry to create one of these welcoming arrangements.

In this guide, we've featured a range of easy step by step tutorials detailing how to make your own wreath. You'll have so much fun you won't stop at your door, but your friends and family's entranceways too. Choose from our selection of inspiring wreaths below and capture some of that festive spirit.

How To Be Happy At Home

It's safe to say, we've seen more of our homes than we ever anticipated in 2020. However, for many of us, this has given us a newfound appreciation for the four walls that keep us safe.

But now that the puzzles have been done and the Netflix shows have been binged – how many times is it acceptable to rewatch Tiger King? Asking for a friend – how are you going to keep yourself happy at home while you continue to spend most of your time there? Well, we have some solutions.

Flowers For Wellbeing

We all know flowers are beautiful but did you know that they’re good for your well-being too? No? Well read on because we’re going to share some of the best flowers for health (and there’s probably more than you thought).

Flowers Meanings

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out the meanings of some flowers. Red roses represent love and white flowers symbolise purity and innocence. Easy, right?

Well, some flowers are a little more mysterious than you might think with hidden meanings that can change how they're received by loved ones. Did you know that giving a single daffodil supposedly leads to bad luck and white tulips are the best choice if you're asking for forgiveness? No? Then read on to learn more about our favourite blooms and the hidden meanings behind them!

The Best Vases For Flowers

Don't let that surprise bunch of flowers sit in any old vase!

Whether it's a bright and beautiful birthday bouquet or a hand tied offering of romantic red roses, the vase you choose makes a big difference to how good they look when arranged.

With our top tips on the best vases for flowers, we're going to make you expert flower arrangers in just one day.

Best Flowers For Mother’s Day

Find the perfect flowers for Mum’s special day

Mum; mother; mummy; mama. Whatever you call her, she’s one of the most important people in our lives. That’s why we celebrate this wonderful woman with a whole day just to let her know how fantastic she really is. More often than not, we show our mums our love with a beautiful bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers that perfectly suits her style and personality. But, it isn’t always easy to know which flowers she will love the most. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best flowers to gift mum this Mother’s Day, so you can give her the gift of happiness she deserves.

Pet-friendly Flowers

Whether you have a curious cat or a dog that thinks everything is edible (RIP every pair of socks in the house) it's a good idea to check that the flowers in that lush bouquet you've received – or are planning to send to a friend – are safe for them to be around.

To make things easier we've taken a look at which blooms are safer for your fur babies and which ones should be avoided – or just placed on a very high shelf out of the way.

Flower names & origins

Flowers are a universal language, with cultures worldwide attributing special meanings to the way they're gifted, arranged and even displayed in your home.

Floriography, the art of using bouquets and blooms to express your feelings, adds another layer of confusion to the wonder of florals but perhaps the most common misunderstanding comes from every day versus scientific naming of our favourite blossoms.

120 Unique Happy Birthday Messages

It can sometimes be difficult to think of something witty or wonderful to say when wishing family and friends a happy birthday. That’s why we’ve put together a birthday message guide with 120 of the best wishes you can send.

Whether you’re sending birthday wishes to your boss, close friend or colleague, you can use the guide to be cheeky, sentimental or even find a famous quote. We’ve even included a table full of nostalgia you can use as ammunition to remind them just how old they are!

6 Steps to Keeping your Cut Flowers Fresh for Longer

If you’re looking for a way to make a those Mother’s Day roses, graduation flowers or birthday arrangements stay vibrant and blooming for longer, follow our in depth flower care guide.

Just like counting sheep to fall asleep, it seems everyone has a theory of how to keep their flowers lasting longer.