How to Use Artificial Flowers
in Your Home

Hypoallergenic, pet-friendly and promising an eternal bloom; artificial flowers are an increasingly popular choice for the home. Advancements in technology mean silk flowers can now rival the appearance of the real thing and there's a whole host of creative ways to display them! We've rounded up some ingenious ideas on how you can incorporate them into your living space.

Faux Flower Bouquet

Nothing brightens up a living space quite like a beautiful bouquet. Guaranteeing a year-round display, artificial flowers are the perfect way to invite colour into your lounge, bedroom or kitchen. Most fake flowers come with wire stems which can be manipulated into the perfect shape or trimmed with wire cutters to fit your vase. Plus, unlike real flowers, you won't have to wait for a specific season for your favourite flowers to come into bloom!

Tip: Faux eucalyptus, ferns and fonds can flesh out an organic bouquet too - simply add your stems into a vase with fresh flowers or dried flowers to create a luxuriously full spray.

Artificial Flower Wreath

Wreaths aren't just reserved for the festive season, this Pinterest-worthy trend takes inspiration from a traditional Christmas wreath and makes it appropriate for any season. Ideal for hanging in porches, on empty walls or bedroom doors, play around with bright artificial flowers for Spring or opt for silk flowers that match your décor's colourway. All you'll need is a wire frame, flower arranging wire, glue gun and an abundance of beautiful fake blooms!

Top Tip:When making your floral wreath, ensure you've got plenty of artificial greenery to intertwine between the silk flowers. Before attaching, arrange them on top of your frame to create an appealing design. Once you've finished tweaking your design, snap a quick picture on your phone. You can use this as a reference when you start to adhere the flowers onto the frame. Take inspiration from our Christmas wreath step by step here.

Single Vase Stems

Minimalists will love this simple floral accent which puts all the emphasis on a few well-chosen blossoms. Opt for high-quality silk flowers, as they appear far more realistic, and place them into a single stem vase to create a striking, modern decoration. Elegant and budget-friendly, consider using artificial twigs, cherry blossom or berries which give a lovely nod to nature - without the worry that mischievous pets might find them a tempting treat.

Tip: Upcycle beautiful wine bottles, or hunt for old apothecary jars at your local charity shops for a more eclectic way to display your stems.


You don't need to be a keen horticulturalist to enjoy exotic plants all year round, simply turn to fake flowers and shrubs instead. Where poor quality soil or a lack of sunlight may have stopped you from decorating your rockery previously, fake flowers are the perfect solution thanks to advancements in technology which ensures they're almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Plus, you won't have to spend time pruning them!

Tip:To ensure your artificial flowers and plants withstand the changing weather, look for UV stable varieties that won't fade in the sunlight.

Fake flower walls & garlands

Completely hypoallergenic, artificial flowers are the perfect way to invite the outdoors in. What better way to spruce up your bedroom than with a flower garland or if you’re feeling ambitious, a flower wall? Create a luscious green garland to wrap around a headboard by mixing trailing foliage with pretty silk flowers. Or, go one step further and create your very own flower wall. A jaw-dropping backdrop or extravagant party piece, a flower wall can incorporate all your favourite flowers in one statement design.

Tip: Making your very own faux flower wall takes minimal skill but requires patience, time and a lot of flowers! Trim the stems of your fake flowers until they are only 2-3 inches long, then poke them through a foam board until it is completely covered. Roses, peonies and carnations are all popular choices for flower walls.

Patio pots

Whether you're lacking space and sunlight, or simply can’t dedicate time to pruning, potting and seeding your own plants, consider filling your pots with artificial flowers.

Unlike fresh plants, which need a little TLC every now and then, low-maintenance fake flowers are ideal for the time-poor - plus, they'll be in bloom no matter the season.

Tip: If you're a perfectionist, grab a pair of tweezers to help you place small petals in just the right spot!

Eclectic containers

Real flowers require a clean, water-tight vase, but fake flowers allow for much more creativity. From upcycled crates to metal watering cans and old mason jars, have fun collecting a variety of unusual containers that add real charm to your artificial flowers. Spray paint, sand and scrub your vessels to add yet more character - it's a fun activity the whole family can enjoy and will really make the most of your faux posy.

Tip: Check that any paint or coating you use is compatible with your vase's material (e.g. glass, metal).

Floral arrangements

For a cost-effective way to ensure your entranceway or special event looks stunning, turn to silk flowers. Unlike real flowers, which should be placed away from direct sunlight, fake flowers can be displayed anywhere in the home and will give you a consistent bloom. For parties, you'll be able to turn to your trusty floral centrepiece time again, whereas an entranceway spray can give a great first impression.

Tip: A noticeable indicator that your flowers are fake - no matter how realistic the petals - is the lack of water in a vase. Disguise this fact by using either an opaque vessel or fill a glass vase with vibrant lemons, limes, pebbles or pine cones.

Cost effective, low maintenance and long lasting, artificial flowers really are a great choice for any household. Browse our silk flower range and stick your creative hat on - it's time to inject a little floral finesse into your home.