The Best Vases for Flowers

How to Choose the Perfect Vase for Your Flowers

Don't let that surprise bunch of flowers sit in any old vase!

Whether it's a bright and beautiful birthday bouquet or a hand tied offering of romantic red roses, the vase you choose makes a big difference to how good they look when arranged.

With our top tips on the best vases for flowers, we're going to make you expert flower arrangers in just one day.

The best vases for flowers

  • Column vases - For long stems
  • Hourglass vases - For classic bouquets
  • Cube vases - For table decor
  • Round vases - For statement arrangements
  • Rectangular vases - For modern decor
  • Bottleneck vases - For tall cuttings
  • Posy vase - For small coffee table displays
  • Jars, bottles and jugs - For when you don't have a vase to hand

Column vases

Things to consider before moving your bouquet to a vase

A bouquet of fresh flowers can breathe life into any room especially if you take proper care of them. There are a few ways you can prevent those fresh blooms from wilting and dying quickly, here are our top tips:

1. Make sure your vase is clean – Ensure any dirt or residue from previous bouquets is washed out so it doesn't contaminate the new water.
2. Once you get your flowers, cut the stems – Cut one to two inches off the ends of the stems and be sure to cut at an angle. By cutting the stems at an angle it allows them to take in water easily and last longer.
3. Fill your vase with water at room temperature – You should then change this every other day.
4. Re-trim the flowers every few days to prolong their life – You can do this when you change the water.
5. Arrange your flowers - Be creative with height and colour, don't be afraid to trim the stems down to make it work.
6. Place your beautiful bouquet in a room that is cool and draft-free – Then simply enjoy!

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