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The Best FlowersFor Mother's Day

27th February, 2020

27th February, 2020

8 of the Most Popular Flowers for Mum

Mums are heroes. Fact. They juggle a million jobs a day and somehow still find time to give us love and attention (they must have super powers!) That’s why they deserve the best Mother’s Day, complete with blooms as brilliant and as beautiful as they are. The only question is...which ones? That’s where we come in. To help you pick the best of the bunch here are our favourite Mother’s Day flowers.


Beautiful roses

Roses don’t just mean romance. They can symbolise all sorts of things – yellow means friendship, while a soft pink signifies joy and admiration (just the thing for Mother’s Day). Plus roses are just beautiful of course, those delicate blooms are sure to make her smile.


Cheerful tulips

Mother’s Day is a Spring celebration making tulips a great seasonal choice. They come in all sorts of colours so you could pick mum’s perfect shade or surprise her with a vibrant rainbow showerstopper.


Lush lilies

A firm favourite on Mother’s Day, lilies always steal the show. Their striking, big flowers come in a variety of colours, soft and bold, so you can choose the colour just right for mum. And don’t forget they smell fabulous too.


Lovely lisianthus

They say good things come in small packages and when it comes to the lovely lisianthus that is definitely true. This sweet little flower adds elegance to any arrangement. Mix it with bigger blooms and plenty of lush foliage and you’ll have a bouquet bursting with beauty, certain to make Mum’s day.


Colourful chrysanthemums

A Mother’s Day classic for a reason, beautiful chrysanthemums even have “mum” in the name! A truly versatile bloom they look lovely on their own or in a mixed arrangement. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours so you’ll be able to find a ‘mum that matches your mum


Eye-catching irises

Irises combine elegance and colour like no other. Ideal for an eye-catching display that brightens up any room, these blooms go exceptionally well with roses. A great choice for mums who love colour.


Elegant orchids

If you want a gift that keeps on giving then an orchid plant in a pot should be your go to. With just a little TLC they last and last (hopefully just like mum’s smile will). Of course you can also get them in a bouquet, where they really do steal the show.


Classic carnations

We still have a big soft spot for the bloom that started Flying Flowers. They last for ages, they come in every possible shade – you just can’t go wrong! Choose carnations in softer shades for sophisticated arrangements or go bold and bright to make a statement. A perfect choice for mums who like classics.