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No ‘sorry we missed you’ card, no hanging around for the postie – that’s the genius of letterbox flowers (if we do say so ourselves). One minute they appear through the door and the next you’ve got gorgeous blooms on show, as if by magic! We love sending them just because, but they’re perfect for birthdays and special occasions too.

How your letterbox flowers are delivered

We have special letterbox-sized boxes which, as well as looking bright and lovely, fit through all sorts of letterbox – so there’s no need to wait around for a delivery.

Inside each box are gorgeous flowers, specially chosen to fit through your letterbox and tightly wrapped so they don’t come to any harm on their travels. They’re delivered in bud (aka they haven’t bloomed yet) so they’re at their freshest when they come through the door.

What flowers can be posted through the letterbox?

Thanks to our fab packaging, lots of flowers are happy coming through a letterbox. In a lovely letterbox flower delivery you might get roses, carnations, stocks, alstroemeria or seasonal narcissi.

With these beauties, there’s no waiting around, and no booking a redelivery – they fit through the letterbox. No blooms doomed to a depot here! And they even come with free delivery across the UK, making them a great value way to share some joy.