Peonies, peonies, peonies – we can’t get enough of these pretty pastel puffballs! Every year when peony season comes around we’re just so excited. A peonies delivery is maybe the loveliest way to bring beauty to someone’s day (especially when every bunch comes with free delivery!) But remember peonies don’t hang around, if you want a peony delivery, now’s the time!
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How long is peony season?

Short! If you’re after a peony delivery in the UK you’ll need to order between May and June. Peonies are here for a good time, not a long time – if you want peonies delivered you’ll have to move fast.

How do I care for peonies?

We’ve got a whole page to help you learn more about precious peonies, including how to give them the TLC they need. Check out our peony page.

How does peony delivery work?

Trusty Royal Mail will deliver your peonies by post. They’ll be packed snugly in special packaging that’s bright, beautiful, eco-friendly and designed to keep the blooms safe on their travels.