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Let’s be honest, most of us don’t like the month of January (unless of course it’s your birthday month and then you’ve got a great reason to celebrate). We’re all on a bit of a come down after the festivities, the days are still short and, let’s be honest, the weather does tend to be just a little bit grey.

For that reason alone, January is the perfect time of year to send someone you love a little pick me up gift. A little reminder that tells them you’re thinking of them.

Did you know that sending something as simple as a bouquet of flowers can really help with your wellbeing? After all, who doesn’t love to receive a big, happy bunch on their doorstep - it’s guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The emotions you feel when you see your favourite blooms are not just an instant feeling of gratitude. The positive vibes have been scientifically proven. Research into a study group in America showed that, when flowers were delivered as a gift, it had an immediate impact on their happiness. It wasn’t a one-off feeling either, the study group reported that they felt less depressed and anxious for some time after they had received the blooms. Let’s jump in and find out why!



We've rounded up 10 of the happiest flowers around, which are perfect if you want to send a little joy by post.

Bring nature inside

The basic fact is for most of us, nature makes us happy. It has been proven that spending time in the great outdoors plays a vital role in keeping us emotionally and psychologically healthy.

After all, just thinking about sitting in a park on a sunny afternoon eating a picnic or taking a walk through some stunning countryside starts to make us feel better. Apparently, the power nature has over us is so strong that even watching a TV programme on the great outdoors can boost the mood!

Now, we may not all have the time to take a mood boosting stroll outdoors every day, but we can all take small steps to bring nature into our everyday lives. Arranging a vase of stunning flowers or dotting some plants around the home to make your own oasis can make all the difference.


Flowers to Boost Your Mood

When you start to look at it, flowers are pretty amazing and there are even some that can deliver some super health boosting powers. For example, the delicious fragrance given off by lavender is thought to calm and soothe your mind, relieve stress, help with feeling of depression and has even been said to help reduce the impact of migraines. Whereas flowers that give off sweet aromas, like rose or honeysuckle, have been shown to make people kinder to each other – a great choice if you’re looking to say sorry! Looking to increase your energy and productivity? Just add lisianthus! A great addition to your home office, they’ve been said to boost creativity.

Chrysanthemums, believe it or not, are mood-boosting wonders. It goes without saying that flowers naturally make you feel happy, but when chrysanthemums are drunk within a tea, they not only help relieve symptoms of worry and stress, but the aroma is said to also help relieve stress. Plus, it’s really easy to make! You just need some chrysanthemum flowers (dried is best) and some boiling water - and that’s it! Let it brew for about 3-5 minutes depending on how strong you want it. Then, add sugar or honey for a sweeter taste and make sure to drain the petals before drinking.

It’s not just limited to flowers. There are some powerful plants out there, which have also been shown to increase brain performance and your ability to concentrate. If you’re looking to detox and create a healthier environment, choose an air-purifying plant such as a peace lily, which has been proven by NASA to clean the air.


Colour Therapy

Some flowers are just guaranteed to make us feel happier when we look at them. Sunflowers, gerbera daisies, tulips and roses – these colourful, cheerful blooms are guaranteed to add some sunshine to someone’s day. This is because colours can have a big impact on our wellbeing and subconsciously they can change our mood.


Blue and green are what are known as cool colours. Soft blues can create feelings of anxiety, so choose a warmer, more purple tone, such as the iris, which is said to evoke calmness. Aaaaaahhh. Green, as you would expect, is the colour of nature which can help to relieve stress. It’s no wonder we love to fill our homes with the soothing effect of house plants. Maybe it’s time to give your home working space a boost of plant power?


Warm colours are red, yellow and orange. Red is a bit of a mixed bag of emotions. When it comes to flowers it is definitely the colour of love (we all know about the red rose on Valentine’s day), but it can also create feelings of anger or even danger. Probably best to avoid in January!


Orange is an energetic colour. If you know someone who needs a bit of extra motivation, then our Cheerful Orange Rose Plant is the perfect choice.


The leader when it comes to happiness is a bouquet of yellow flowers. Just thinking of a cheery bunch of sunflowers and long summer days is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Wellbeing activities

We know that flowers make us happier so it goes without saying that activities involving nature are bound to boost the mood. So why not combine the two and take up some flower arranging. Get together with some friends and have some fun trying out different displays. Want something a bit closer to home? Then try out a spot of gardening.

Exercise is known to have a positive effect on our wellbeing because the physical activity releases endorphins in the body that make us feel better. There are lots of different sports to try and if you’re worried about not sticking to it, why not sign up to a club where there will be plenty of people to keep you motivated.

If this all sounds too much like hard work, you could always get yourself booked in to a magical spa day. Enjoy the relaxing massages, the heavenly aromas of lavender and jasmine, and get yourself booked into a meditation class which will help to clear your mind.


Remember, keeping busy and having something to look forward to are key when it comes to boosting your mood. Plan plenty of events with friends and indulge in some self-care. Before you know it the warmer months will be here again.

Ready to send a bunch of happiness?