You may think that come winter it's time to swap those brightly coloured and fragrant flowers that have filled your home throughout summer for just a Christmas tree and holly. Maybe, you neglect the garden in the colder months, only venturing outside to it again when the daffodils start to sprout in spring.

But, it doesn't have to be this way! Keep those gorgeous vases out and pick up your favourite pair of gardening gloves because there are plenty of winter blooms to see you through until spring. These hardy flowers make a lovely, colourful display inside and outside the home, especially on those grey days. And, for that extra festive touch, add a sprig of holly or a few pinecones for your very own winter wonderland.

So, even when Jack Frost is nipping at the windows and the days are growing dark and gloomy here are 10 winter flowers that will still bloom beautifully.



When do poinsettias flower? December and January.

A whopping eight million poinsettias are sold every year around Christmas time in the UK, but did you know this leafy red and green plant comes from the hot climate of Mexico?

Due to its shape, poinsettias have become known as the Christmas Star and you may think that the red part of the flower is its petals but they're actually leaves!

The flowers themselves are at the centre of the plant and look like small yellow berries, although we don't recommend snacking on them while you wait for your starters on Christmas day.

Although red is the most popular and traditional colour of poinsettias, the plant is also available in other shades, including pinks and whites.

You’ll be pleased to hear that poinsettias are incredibly easy to care for – even if you're a serial indoor plant killer – so you can enjoy them during the festive season.