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Aster: Everythingyou needto know

Asters are intriguing plants, with dainty flowers and a vibrant yellow centre. They come in a whole spectrum of colours, from delicate white aster flowers to bold pinks and deep violets, making them perfect for almost any occasion.

Read on to find out everything there is to know about these cheerful perennial flowers, including how to care for them and knowing the different aster flower types.

Facts about the aster flower

Asters are named after the Greek word for ‘star’ because of their star-like petals that encompass the centre of the flower. Asters are September flowers that bloom every year, meaning these late bloomers can be enjoyed long after most British plants have had their time in the spotlight.

Aster flowers have had a lot of uses throughout history, from their medicinal purposes in Chinese and Native American cultures, to brewing their roots in tea. Perhaps the most unusual use was when it’s burnt smell was used to ward off serpents and evil spirits.

Aster flower meaning

Asters have a beautiful origin story steeped in Greek mythology. When the Greek goddess Astraea (meaning ‘starry maid’) saw there were no stars in the sky, she wept onto the ground which made the Aster flower grow. It is also said they were used to show love and respect to the gods at the altar.

With such romantic roots, it’s no surprise that aster flowers symbolise love and admiration. Gift a bunch of asters to someone you look up to or respect. They have a close association with wisdom and faith, too, and can be sent to someone as a symbol good wishes for the future.

Because they come into bloom in autumn, Asters are September birth flowers for those Virgos and Libras out there. Like most flowers, their different colours can carry their own specific meanings.


Purple Aster Flower

The most popular and well-known aster colour, symbolising royalty and wisdom.


White Aster Flower

Represents innocence and purity. A white aster will have a yellow centre, making them closely resemble a daisy.


Pink Aster Flower

Unlike red, pink asters can symbolise love. This can be a non-romantic love, like the bond between a family member or friend.

Aster care tips

Asters make excellent cut flowers in a vase or bouquet, with their striking petals and colour combinations. It’s important to care for them well so you can make the most out of your starry-shaped blossoms.

When preparing to put your aster flowers in a vase, remove their foliage from the stem. We recommend removing any leaves that will sit under the waterline of the vase to keep the water bacteria free. It’s also good to replace the vase water regularly to keep it clean and stop your aster flowers wilting too soon.

Aster flowers have particularly leafy green stems, which can look lovely against purple and pink petals. For a ‘wild’ and natural arrangement, you can keep aster leaves that are growing higher up on the stem.

Keep your aster flowers out of direct sunlight or in particularly harsh conditions in the house, such as near a fan or by a hot oven. This will keep them looking lovely for longer – and don’t forget to feed them with flower food too.

Are asters poisonous to pets?

Asters are pet friendly and non-toxic. Like most plants, asters contain saponins which protect the plant. This is the chemical that gives them their bitter, soapy taste – similarly to the soapy flavour some people can taste in coriander. Luckily, the bad flavour in asters put off animals and pets from eating them, and also means they are left alone if they’re growing in your garden.


Aster and bees

Asters are bee-friendly flowers, making them great to plant in your garden or outdoor space. They are a valuable source of pollen for bees because they bloom later in the year, when most plants have stopped flowering.

Although bees become dormant during the colder months, they still need flower food sources in the run up to winter to feed their baby bees and future queens. Aster flowers are beneficial to other pollinators too, such a butterflies and moths during autumn.

Asters are delicate flowers that shine on through the autumn gloom and keep your home looking sunny and bright. Whether you are looking for a regal bunch of purple aster flowers for your living room, or a collection of pink beauties bursting with colour and fun, asters are a great addition to any vase or bouquet.

If you’re wanting to brighten up someone’s day with a flowery bunch, explore our range of flowers for all occasions.