13 New Year’s Resolutions and How to Stick to Them

The Christmas tree is packed away, you ate more chocolate than you care to admit and you’ve made a note to buy more lights for the tree next year – that's the 2020 festivities complete.

Now let’s look into the future and what the next year can bring – any year has to be better than the one just passed, right? Plus, with a new year comes new opportunities and new year’s resolutions.

Now, we have all set a new year’s resolution or two at least once in our lives – whether it’s to walk 10,000 steps a day or to eat less chocolate – resolutions can be great and have been proven to help break habits and create new ones.

But we're not talking fad diets or lifestyle changes here, oh no. We want to help you make resolutions that make you feel positive and allow you to grow as a person. Here are just a few suggestions to consider adding to that list.

Why you should make a new year’s resolution

A new year means a clean slate and a fresh start – we can all do with one of those! – and the opportunity to make a difference. Making a list of new year’s resolutions can help you see your dreams, goals and aspirations all in one place.

No resolution is too small or too big (unless of course you say ‘move to Mars' because we all had that thought last year and we can confirm that that is too big).

Instead, we've come up with some new year’s resolutions to help inspire you to focus on yourself and family and develop new skills along the way. So if you’re thinking: 'what should my new year's resolution be?' check out some of our favourites below and let’s make 2021 a year to remember…for the right reasons.

Ready to make your new year’s resolution? Grab a pen and paper or write them on your phone and let’s do this. Happy New Year from us to you!