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14 DIY Giftsfor Mum

10th December, 2023

10th December, 2023

While flowers will always be top of our best gift list, we love a homemade gift. Something about that extra elbow grease just makes them all the more special – and of course whatever you make will be a total one off (just like the person it’s going to). But when it comes to getting hands on with pressies it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you’re not a regular crafter.

That’s where we come in. We’ve trawled the web and put together a list of lovely (and not too tricky) DIY gifts for mum, so you can spoil her on her birthday, at Christmas or for Mother's Day, without gluing your hands together by mistake. Grab your paintbrush and let’s do this!



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Homemade Gifts for Mum


1. Press flowers

Of course we had to start with something floral! Did you know you don’t need to bin your blooms once they’re passed their best? With a little bit of work, you can preserve them and turn them into a beautiful piece of art for mum to enjoy all year round. Learn how to press flowers.

2. Assemble a mum survival kit

Taking care of other humans is hard work, so every parent could do with an emergency kit they can use if they need a breather. Track down a hamper, or even just a pretty box, and assemble some treats for your mum you know she’ll love. It could be pampering bits like hot chocolate and face masks or little luxuries like top quality socks and snacks.

3. Craft a super scrapbook

Most of us keep our photos tucked away on our phones, we don’t tend to look back on them and we’re missing out – Mother’s Day is your chance to change that. Dig through your pics of you and mum, get the best ones printed, find a lovely scrapbook or album, and get sticking. Try and add extra personal touches like cute captions and soon you’ll both be able to stroll down memories lane.

4. Make pretty clay bowls

Turns out you don’t have to be a professional potter to turn out beautiful bowls. We love this tutorial for making clay dishes in lovely colours, all you need is coloured clay, a biscuit cutter, a rolling pin, and an oven-safe bowl. Easy peasy and effective, she’ll love these.

5. Infuse some delicious cooking oils

Is mum a kitchen queen? Then this foodie treat is the one for her. You’ll need bottles, oil and some interesting herbs and in just a few simple steps you can create delicious herby cooking oils, perfect for a flavour boost.

6. Make floral bath bombs

One for the more experienced crafters, this DIY bath bomb tutorial is worth the effort. Mum will get personal flower fabulousness that smells heavenly, and you can feel proud at your making skills (and saving your pennies).

7. Craft flower magnets

Forget mundane magnets, these striking flower power creations will transform mum’s fridge! Grab your glue gun and some silk blooms and you’ll be amazed at the effect. And yes we do believe in adding flowers to everything, how did you know?

8. Sew a DIY Tool Apron

Is mum a maker? Then she needs a tool apron. This is one for the sewists as you’ll need access to a sewing machine. But if you’re a bit rusty don’t panic, this tutorial is really easy making it great for getting back behind the pedal.

9. Sew a pillowcase

Another one for the sewists, especially beginners, this pillowcase tutorial is incredibly simple. The hardest part is choosing some beautiful fabric, but once that’s done all it takes is 15 minutes or so to transform one of mum’s tired old cushions or pillows into something gorgeous.

10. Marble a mug

This tutorial ticks all our boxes. Uses easy to get hold of materials: check. Quick and simple: check. Looks amazing: check. We reckon you’ll start off making mum a striking marbled mug, and end up making them for everyone!

11. Create word art

Want to get arty but not sure where to start? Words are your friend! You could draw mum’s favourite quote or poem (or one you think she’d love) or just writing it out in your neatest handwriting (she’ll love having something handwritten from you to treasure). Then find a lovely frame and pop it in, it’s as simple as that.

12. Paint a pretty mason jar

Pen pot, make up brush pot, adorable vase: you can use a mason jar for all sorts, so they make great gifts. But first you must make it look beautiful. We love this tutorial for transforming an ordinary jar into a work of art.

13. Create a scented candle

You might think creating a scented candle is really difficult, but it’s much easier than you might think and you can even use beautiful floral scents. Time to make mum’s home smell amazing (and impress her with your craft know-how).

14. Paint a pebble

Yes really, a pebble! It might sound strange but painted with a cute design they really stand out in a garden – and every time mum spots it she’ll think of you. You’ll need some paints, glue or sealer, a good-sized pebble, your imagination, andd that’s pretty much it!

Don’t have time to make your own? Check out our range of ready-made gifts (and still take all the credit!)

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