Balloons in a Box

Surprise someone special with a helium balloon gift. Delivered FREE across the UK in time to celebrate!

Want to send something a little different? No celebration is complete without balloons! Whether you are looking for birthday balloons, celebrating a birth, anniversary, or even just wanting to say "I love you", our balloon in a box range is a fun gift for everyone. The balloon is secured safely in a convenient & pretty gift box along with a large box of chocolates or a cute teddy and smaller box of chocolates. All of our helium balloons arrive fully inflated in a sealed box, so when you open them, prepare to be wowed as the balloon rises from the box. You'd better hope your loved one is tied down, or they might float away in glee - but don't worry about the balloons floating away, as they come complete with a weighted ribbon so you can put it pride of place at home or if you’re in the office you can adjust the length of the ribbon & weight to sit on a desk.
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