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The stunning orchid is one of the most abundant species of flowering plant in the world. With over 25000 species in total, orchids can be found in almost every habitat on the planet. However the orchid has always carried the impression of rarity, with tropical species growing in practically unreachable habitats. Having orchids delivered is a long-lasting and versatile gift which everyone can enjoy. Although the orchid plant more traditionally symbolised love and strength, the striking charm of the orchid has come to represent luxury, sophistication and rare beauty. Did you know that the orchid is the 14th wedding anniversary flower, and that commercial vanilla flavouring is derived from the vanilla orchid? For the person that has everything, send them a beautiful orchid to truly make them smile.
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Become an Orchid expert

Orchids may be popular houseplants but many people still struggle when it comes to caring for them. Once you've purchased one of these gorgeous flowers, learn how to care for your orchid plant and become an expert in no time.