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“Surprise! I’m expecting a baby!”

Your favourite person has just announced they are going to be a mummy. Well, of course, you want to spoil them rotten with a mum-to-be gift. This magical moment deserves the very best and you want to get a gift that honours this new chapter in her life.

But are you looking for something a little different from the usual teddies and sleepsuits to celebrate the occasion? To help you out, we’ve rounded up a sparkling selection of inspirational and unique ideas that guarantee to bring a smile to the expectant mum’s face. From gifts that will help mum-to-be relax during this ‘bumpy’ journey to essential items that will be handy and well-used when the stork arrives.

Ready for some shopping? Let’s get this ball rolling!

Congratulations Flowers For Mum-To-Be

Before you get stuck in choosing your gift for a new mum, why don’t you start off by simply spoiling her rotten with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? After all, she’s doing an amazing job of growing a little baby.

But which flowers do you send? You could keep with the theme and go for a classic bouquet of ‘baby’ pink roses. Blooms in this colour represent femininity, grace and sweetness, it seems like the ideal choice. Want something brighter? A bouquet of sunflowers is a fantastic representation of motherhood. Not only does the bright yellow of this flower give off feelings of warmth, happiness, and positivity but the flower also represents loyalty and adoration. Let’s just say all, you will all be adoring that baby once it’s born.

Or you could go with the next chapter theme by choosing some flowers which represent new beginnings. Daffodils, with their bright yellow blooms, are the experts when it comes to representing a new start. But, if you are outside of spring, you could instead go for some stunning pink gerbera daisies.


Best Gifts For Mum-To-Be

Looking for a gift to go with your bouquet of flowers? You need to get the balance right for this present. Choose something that’s all about spoiling the mum-to-be but also remember that she can’t wait to get her hands on all those gorgeous new baby items. On top of that, you’re also navigating the tricky path of choosing something unique that she hasn’t already bought!

Are your looking for gifts for your pregnant friend? Maybe your darling wife is having your first baby. Or perhaps you’re incredibly excited for your sister to make you an aunty. We have some gifts to cover almost every occasion.


Baby Shower Gifts For Mum-To-Be

First stop, the baby shower. Let’s get the party started in the right way by shaking up a few cocktails – but the baby-friendly kind! Don’t let mum to be miss out on all fun. Get her in the party mood with her own mocktail-making gift set? After everything she’s going through, she deserves to kick back, have some fun and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Of course, any baby shower is about celebrating the new arrival and you need the perfect gift for the little one. Go for something thoughtful such as a gorgeous photo frame – we know there will be lots of photos taken once the baby arrives. Or maybe a personalised piece of artwork they can hang up in the nursery. You could even try your hand at knitting or sewing and make them a bespoke piece of clothing (let’s just say it will be the baby’s first designer piece!)

A baby shower gift should also be something that prepares the new mum for the big arrival but still lets her feel glamorous. We’re talking luxurious pyjamas here. Let’s be honest, most new mums haven’t the energy to leave the house in the first few weeks and some gorgeous pyjamas will make her feel pampered.


Mum-To-Be Hamper

Who doesn't love a hamper of goodies? Now’s the perfect chance to create something that has everything an expectant mum may need. Let’s call it her little bit of TLC.

Let’s start by focusing on the expectant mum. Help her out with some expertly formulated oils and creams that have been designed specifically for pregnant women. There are plenty of options out there to buy, or why not go for the personal touch and make your own. Bottle them up and tie around a ribbon to give it that extra touch. You could even add a tag with a personal message on each one for something slightly different.

Carrying around the bump can be tiring work. Why not make the hamper a reminder to put her feet up once in a while. You could treat her to a basket full of bathing goodies such as a luxurious candle, bath oils and some cosy slippers. Or if she’s craving all things sweet, go with a ready-made afternoon tea hamper. Pop in some mini sandwiches and a selection of small cakes, then get her to sit back and you can be her expert waiter/waitress – just to add that extra sparkle.

You can also pop in some incredibly practical gifts such as ‘the ever useful’ muslin cloths along with something cute for the new baby such as a sweet sleepsuit. If you know what they might be called, you could even have their name embroidered on the gift.

A seemingly simple gift, like a plush toy, holds significant value. Let’s be honest, most of us have a cherished, favourite toy from our own childhoods! Whether it’s a cuddly bunny rabbit, a teddy bear, or a playful dinosaur, giving the little one a friend they can love and hold.


Mum-To-Be Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is an extra-exciting day for any new mum-to-be. If your wife, partner or girlfriend is expecting a baby, it’s time to pull out all the stops and make it extra special – no pressure!

Sentimental gifts are the perfect fit for any mum-to-be celebrating on this day. Why not take one of her ultrasound images and get it professionally framed. She can then hang it on the wall as a constant reminder of this special period in her life.

Have you thought about a journal? Although it’s a busy time being a new mum, it also passes by so quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to remember how you felt during that period. A journal is a great way for a new mum to jot down her feelings, thoughts and stories. She’ll love looking back on it in years to come.

Let’s not forget to pair this up with some Mother’s Day flowers – you can never have too many blooms in the house! Go with some stunning alstroemeria, colourful roses or vibrant sunflowers. Gorgeous.


Useful Mum-To-Be Gifts

OK, so this first one might sound a bit strange but bear with us – it’s a pregnancy pillow. Yes, we know, she’s probably already bought one, but believe us when we say you can never have too many. They’re great for supporting the bump and helping mum-to-be sleep. When baby comes along, they’re great for supporting while feeding or mum can use it as a large cushion that will make the long feed comfy.

Or perhaps go with something she probably hasn’t even thought about but will prove really useful – a shawl! She can wrap it around her shoulders while going through the labour stage, use it to keep her and the baby warm once here or provide some privacy while feeding. Even better, you can choose one that fits your budget – something simple or go all out with luxury cashmere!

Now for the ultimate gift – make them a promise. It can be a small thing but a big gesture. Promise that you will cook them a gorgeous meal (or two, three or four) when the baby arrives, or take them out for the day – whatever they feel up to.


New Mum Gifts

Hooray! The baby has arrived! This is definitely time for a gift.

We know you’re going to go crazy for all the cute baby gifts out there. But whatever you do, don’t forget about the tired mum! She’s bound to be going through all the emotions any new mother experiences which makes this the perfect time to remind her just how much she’s loved.


New Baby Flowers

The first thing to send is a gorgeous bouquet. Presenting someone with a big bunch of blooms stands for love and happiness.

You could go with a big bouquet where each flower represents a different emotion. For example, choose amaryllis for pride, aster which is a symbol of love, calla lily for beauty and camellia which means ‘you’re adorable’. Or choose blooms that go with the traditional colours for the baby – blue for boys and pink for girls. For a more feminine bouquet, you could choose pink carnations, gypsophila and peonies. Or for something blue go with eryngium, delphiniums or even some irises.

Another great choice is to go with a bouquet made up of their birth month flowers. A bit like how star signs and gemstones represent different birth dates, the month you are born is represented by flowers.


Best Gifts For New Mothers

Let’s be honest, everyone is showering her with gifts. Now’s the time to stand out and pick something a little bit different.

A unique gift like an audiobook subscription is a wonderful choice. Just think, while she’s spending all those hours feeding the baby, she can have some company in the form of a spoken book. It provides hands-free entertainment, enables multitasking, and is a welcome escape from the demands of caring for a newborn.

Buy her a plant for a long-lasting gift, one that she can pop outside and watch as it grows alongside her new baby, such as a rose plant or a small citrus tree.


We hope we have inspired you with some great ideas for the mum-to-be gifts. Remember, whatever you choose, make it personal to the mum and she’ll love it forever.