Peony Flower Care

Peonies are one of the most stunning late spring flowers. Their large-headed, colourful blooms are what make them so popular. It’s hard to mistake them for anything else. But, unfortunately, we only get to enjoy this gorgeous flower for a short amount of time. So, if you are planning on treating yourself or a loved one to a lovely bunch of peonies, we’ll show you how to take care of them so they can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

How to care for peony flowers

  1. Find a nice tall vase and fill about two-thirds full of water.

  2. Remove any leaves from your stems that fall below the water line to help stop bacteria build up.

  3. Trim the stems by a few cm (roughly an inch or so) and place immediately in the water.

  4. Peonies start out in bud and will take a few days to fully open up. Make sure to keep the water topped up as they drink a lot of it.

  5. Don’t forget to change the water every few days to help keep the vase free from bacteria meaning your beautiful flowers will last as long as possible.

Quick tip: If you want to help your peonies open up quicker, dip the head into lukewarm water and gently swish. This removes the sap from the petals and they will bloom much sooner.

Peony FAQ

What time of year can you get peonies?

Typically, peonies are only available in the UK between May and July (peaking in May and June). Their limited availability is one of the reasons these flowers are so popular.

Are peonies expensive?

Again, due to how short a period they are available, this means peonies are quite expensive compared to other seasonal flowers. Demand is always high for these beautiful flowers which can often drive the price up. British peonies tend to be cheaper as they don’t have to be shipped from another country.

Do peonies smell?

Not all peonies have a scent but some do. The semi-double and double varieties tend to have a beautiful perfume. Single peony varieties don’t tend to have any scent to them.

What types of peony are there?

There are three common types of peony including, tree, herbaceous (most popular) and intersectional.

What colours do peonies come in?

Peonies come in a variety of colours and shades which includes white, pink, coral and red. Each holds its own specific meaning and symbolism.

Some other fun facts about peonies

  • They are one of the most popular flowers for early summer weddings.
  • Peonies are the 12th anniversary flower.
  • The peony flower is the floral symbol of China.
  • Chinese name for peony is “sho yu” which means “most beautiful” - we can see why!

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