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NovemberBirth Flower

November is here! Halloween decorations have been taken down, soon to be replaced with Christmas trees. Fireworks night is set to go with a bang and festivities are just around the corner. This time of year is all about wrapping up warm, snuggling up with a big mug of steaming hot chocolate and getting ready for the big events - what a magical time of the year.

But wait! Before we get going filling in our Christmas present lists for Father Christmas, do you know someone celebrating their birthday in November? Like the fireworks, let’s help them make their birthday celebrations sparkle.

It’s time to celebrate and get something extra special with a gift featuring their birth month flower. Not heard of it before? A bit like your star sign, there is a flower to celebrate the month you were born.

Read on and we’ll tell you all you need to know about the November birth flower.

What is the November birth flower?


For anyone celebrating in November, they have the wonderful chrysanthemum as their birth flower. These are one of the few flowers that keep on blooming well into the chilly November days. Even better, they do it with a real showstopper of a display - they are in-your-face colourful and absolutely guarantee to deliver a smile to your face. With types ranging from simple daisy-like blooms to big pom-pom balls, it’s no wonder they regularly top the list of the most popular flowers in the UK.

Also known colloquially as Chrysanths or Mums, we can trace this beautiful flower all the way back to China in the 15th century BC where they cultivated this flower as a herb. In fact, its reputation as a useful bloom is still going strong and is still a big hit in traditional Chinese medicine. Over the years it has been used to treat headaches, dizziness and high cholesterol – impressive!

It didn’t take long for the rest of the world to join in and this one made its way over to Japan in 386 AD where it was a big hit with the Emporer. Throughout their history, chrysanthemums have regularly made an appearance in their art, decoration and swords. A long while later, around the 17th century, Europe and the UK finally caught on and the popularity of this flower spread. It’s here the flower got the name, which comes from the Greek words Chrysos (meaning gold) and Anthemon (which means flower). The yellow part comes from the fact that the original flowers were small, yellow daisy-like flowers – they’ve just grown larger over the years.

Meaning behind November birth flower


Fancy giving some of these fascinating flowers in a birthday bouquet? This flower is all about friendship, honesty, cheerfulness, generosity and loyalty – what a lot of meaning packed into one bloom! On top of that, bringing a bouquet of these beauties into the home is said to bring good luck and happiness. What better excuse could you need to send these as a gift? Plus with over 20,000 different varieties around, you’re certain to find a chrysanthemum to suit the personality of someone born in November.

As you would expect from such a colourful flower, this one is all about cheerfulness and optimism, especially when gifted in yellow. They are also a flower for friendship and loyalty, especially in white or pink. Perfect for Scorpios who are born in the first part of November - once they are your friend they are by your side through thick and thin. Scorpios are also said to be powerful and brave – a bit like this flower which courageously keeps on growing even when the weather tells you to stop.

Similar to this globe-trotting bloom, chrysanthemums are also perfect for Sagittarians who celebrate their birthday in late November - they were born to travel and have adventures.

Pick the colour of your chrysanthemum carefully and you can send quite a specific message. These flowers in red are all about love but go for green and you’re wishing someone good luck and health. Choose one in purple and you are saying that someone is on your mind - ideal if you can’t be with them on their birthday.

Oh, and if you’re giving some of these flowers to a November baby, remind them the blooms represent royalty in Japan. The perfect way to let them know they are a king or queen in your eyes

November Flower Names


Looking for a flower name for a November baby? Well, the first obvious place to start is with the birth month flower, chrysanthemum. Or you could go with Chrys for short.

Other beautiful flowering plants that are around in November are the magnificent striking Fuchsia. Despite it’s warm start in life in the Caribbean, this hardy plant will happily keep flowering in the UK even when the weather turns cool in November. If you’re tempted to go with this name, you’re in good company. The singer Sting chose this name for his daughter!

If you were looking for something entirely different, why not go with Nerines. The delicate flowers on this autumn plant are great for adding a splash of colour to a garden or vase. Or go with the beautiful Heather. Once an incredibly popular name in the UK, popularity had dropped over the last couple of decades but has recently picked up again. A good thing too, we’re sure any child called Heather will be just as beautiful as this flowering plant.

Last, but not least, why not go with Camellia, Camilla or Camille after the Camellia x Williamsii plant, as camellias are often another popular autumn flower. Although most varieties of this flower usually make an appearance in the spring months, there are some varieties like November Pink or St Ewe that come into their own during Novemeber. Having a boy? You could go with the name William to still take inspiration from this plant.

Now you’ve read our guide to the November birth flower, choose the best pick of the birthday bunch for a November celebration with our range of seasonal birthday flowers and plants.