Anniversary Flowers

Send your loved one a beautiful anniversary flower gift, with FREE delivery across the UK.

Flowers are the perfect wedding anniversary gift. Whether it’s to celebrate your own anniversary or the anniversary of a friend or family member, you can have flowers delivered straight to their door for a real surprise. If ever there was an occasion for romantic flowers, your anniversary is it! Shower them with love and show them how much you adore them with a gorgeous anniversary bouquet just for them. You don't have to order at the eleventh hour either. On your anniversary, why not make your loved one's day by choosing seasonal flowers from the time of year that you got married? Alternatively, there are flowers that are associated with the number of the anniversary such as carnations for a 1st wedding anniversary or Roses for the 15th anniversary! You could even surprise your parents with Anniversary flowers to show your appreciation of all they've done for you over the years!
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Anniversary Milestones

Each anniversary milestone has a special flower associated with it, and each one is designed to represent a different stage of your married life. Our Anniversary Milestones page looks at these traditional flowers and suggests ways that they can be combined with traditional gifts to make your very own beautiful and bespoke arrangements.