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Celebrating special moments in life with those we love and care for is something that means so much to all of us.

Whether you know someone who has got a big birthday approaching, has just passed their exams or perhaps a new baby has arrived, you can always make it special. First the party (however you want to celebrate), then a card and gift and of course don’t forget a big bunch of flowers.

But what to do if you’re stuck for ideas for a gift! Don’t worry we can help. So, if it’s an engagement between a special couple, moving into a new home or maybe you just want to celebrate a special friendship, have a look at our suggestions for celebration gifts.


No matter the age, a birthday is always a perfect opportunity for celebrating. Whether they’re a woman who has everything or someone who finds joy in the littlest of things, finding the perfect birthday gift can be tricky. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up our favourite birthday gifts.


For some quick-fire inspiration, you can’t go wrong with a fabulous bouquet of birthday flowers; they’re guaranteed to add some sunshine to their special day. Or for a gift that keeps on giving, choose our flower subscription so they can enjoy a flower delivery to their doorstep every month.

If they are someone who loves their home, then spoil them with something to make their home extra homely like a snuggly blanket or an thoughtful picture frame. You could even finish it off with a house plant or a hamper, like our Birthday Goodies Gift Box.


Each milestone birthday marks a new chapter in someone’s life. This gift must be special, something that truly marks the big moment in their life. If you know someone turning 21 and you’re looking for a keepsake gift, then a personalised necklace that marks the point they officially become an adult might be a lovely idea. Maybe it’s a 40th, so gift them a chance to celebrate that half way point in life by getting them a gift of an experience day. Celebrating an 80th might be trickier, but help them keep track of all their social activities with an engraved pen and matching diary.



Of course, every birthday needs some carefully crafted words that show just how much you care. You need to get the right mix, you could go for something funny and slightly cheeky or something that really comes from the heart. If you’re not sure keep it short and sweet or check out some of our birthday wishes.


As each year passes in your married life or as a couple, it’s a perfect time to say happy anniversary. A little reminder to your husband, wife or partner on your special day and reflect on all the happy memories you’ve shared together.


For that adoring husband who you’ve been with for decades, consider spoiling them with that watch they’ve be longing for, or a print showing the music score from your first dance. If you’re celebrating a single-digit anniversary, then maybe it’s time to treat them to a weekend away and plan that next adventure.

A one-in-a-million wife or girlfriend deserves a beautiful piece of jewellery with a special message inscribed on the back. You could make the gift extra special with a big bouquet of flowers, such as some romantic roses, delicate lilies or cheerful sunflowers. Then plan a special night together at a restaurant and round off the evening by sitting together with our Cheese and Wine Time Hamper, reminiscing about the happy times.

Flowers are incredibly important when it comes to representing different meanings and events, and there are even special blooms that celebrate wedding anniversaries. Want to know more? We’ve rounded up our favourite gifts for those milestone anniversaries.


Silver wedding anniversary

A 25th wedding anniversary gift is all about the colour silver. Go for an unusual antique silver present, or keep it modern with personalised, silver cocktail stirrers or even a coin printed with the date of your wedding. Iris is the traditional flower for a silver wedding anniversary – mix with lisianthus in purest white to create a delicate silver wedding bouquet.


Pearl wedding anniversary

When looking for a pearl wedding anniversary gift, a beautiful mother-of-pearl item will be the perfect gift. Find a photo frame to feature an image from your wedding day, or a personalised picture which includes key dates from your 30 years of marriage. Finish it all off with some sumptuous roses in the most delicate cream (pearl) tones.


Ruby wedding anniversary

Your ruby wedding anniversary is all about celebrating 40 years of happy marriage. Treat her to some jewellery featuring a delicate ruby stone. Or for something you can enjoy together, why not book yourselves into a red wine tasting course (well it is ruby in colour). Complete the ruby theme with a bouquet of velvety flowers such as rich red roses, deep purple alstroemeria, red chrysanthemums. To keep it traditional, you could go for some gladioli which is the flower for a ruby anniversary.


Golden wedding anniversary

It’s time to celebrate one of the big ones, gold is all about celebrating 50 years. Gold jewellery is a classic gift – a gold necklace for her or a gold watch for him. Or for something more simple, choose a gold candle or a gold figurine which you can put pride of place in your home. There are two different flowers that represent 50 years – you can either choose a delicate yellow rose or vibrant violets. Create the perfect bouquet and go for a mix of both.


Diamond wedding anniversary

It’s time for bling, we’re celebrating 60 years with the diamond wedding anniversary. When a couple have been together this long, let’s be honest there probably isn’t much you need. Make your present all about being a couple and go out with the family for a fantastic meal. Spoil each other with a luxurious hamper (to enjoy together) and finish it all off with some flowers. The orchid, which represents strength, beauty and love, is the perfect fit when celebrating being married for 60 years!


The ring is on the finger and the wedding is going ahead! Now it’s time to say congratulations to the happy couple with the perfect gift.Flowers are the perfect way to say ‘horray!’ and send your celebrations through the post. Choose a romantic bunch of roses, a cheery bouquet of colourful alstroemeria, or a decadent rose and lily bouquet in delicate pink, sumptuous reds and wedding-white tones.


When navigating your way through planning a wedding the time goes by so fast. For that special engagement gift, buy the couple a wedding journal so they can jot down all their thoughts, feelings and emotions as they plan the wedding. They can even use it to stick in all those photos and memorabilia from events that happen such as the receipt for the dress, date nights and messages from family and loved ones. Or buy a personalised, chalk decoration where they can count down to the big day.

Whether they’ve just got engaged or are in the post-wedding day slump, buy the perfect wedding gift of a magical spa day or spa voucher. They can take a moment to relax in amongst all the wedding plans or to finish celebrating their big event.

Buy or make a wedding card to go with their gift. Stuck on what to write in a wedding card? We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up some wedding congratulations messages and quotes for the happy couple.


Buying and moving into a new home is an expensive business – there is just so much to do!! Welcome them to their new pad with some new home flowers, guaranteed to add a pop of colour to their new space – they can even be sent through the letterbox so they’re greeting them as they first step through the door. Or choose one of our flowering house plants such as a cheerful orange rose plant, or an air-purifying plant such as a Boston fern which arrive in a pot so they don’t have to hunt through the boxes for a vase!


Now’s the time to buy all those things that we would never think of ourselves but in reality, can’t live without. If they love to cook get them some retro measuring cups or some handcraft serving bowls (you can never have too many). Maybe get a personalised door mat (perfect to welcome everyone in), a key hook or even something as simple as some coasters. The choice is endless!

To instantly add some homely feels to their new space, choose a scented candle or a cushion or blanket to make their space extra cosy. Or get them a voucher for a DIY store - ok it doesn’t seem that exciting but believe us they will thank you for it – so they can buy all the bits they need.

Whatever new home gift you choose, send it with a heartfelt message that lets them know you’re thinking of them (and you’ll be looking forward to the housewarming party!).


Welcoming a new baby into the world and becoming a new parent is an event to truly celebrate. Now you must buy that perfect gift (for both baby and parents).

Even before the big day arrives, spoil the mum-to-be with a baby shower. Whether you throw a garden party or take her out for afternoon tea, she’ll be sure to enjoy being spoilt by her nearest and dearest before the new arrival. If you’re planning to play host, then check out our inspiration for baby shower decorations.


Send the new parents a thoughtful gift that will get them through the first few weeks. As most new parents will never drink a hot cup of tea again (we might be slightly exaggerating), get them an insulated mug or warming coaster that will keep drinks hot no matter how long it takes to grab a cuppa. You could also treat the new parents to one of our gift hampers filled with treats so that when the baby does take a nap during the day, this gift will remind them to take five minutes and take a rest themselves.

Every moment is special when a new baby arrives, yet it goes so fast, so perhaps give them a photo album to record and capture each milestone event. It’ll be perfect for sharing memories as their child grows.

Don’t forget a gift for the new baby. Clothes are always a welcomed gift – there is no such thing as too many baby grows! Most of us remember that special toy from our childhood and a teddy bear is a popular choice that can become a keepsake throughout their life. You can even get their name sewn into its ear. If the baby has already been given their name, why not get a beautiful decoration engraved with their name or initial to hang in their nursery, that can be moved around for years to come.


You’ve reached that stage of life that most of us dream of. You’re retired!! The perfect chance to take things a bit slower and do all the things you never had time to do before.

Celebrate the next stage of their life by sending them a fabulous flower bouquet. Choose showstopping stems and luxurious blooms to mark the big occasion. Or if they are planning to spend more time in the garden, choose from our range of plants that they can watch bloom!


If retired life means travelling the world, why not get them started on the planning with a guide that lists the most exciting places to visit around the globe. You could also get a wallet to keep all their important documents in one place. Of course, as you travel you want to document all the events. Buy them a new camera that can capture every precious moment and a travel log where they can write down their first impressions of each destination.

Perhaps you could help them become a bit more adventurous by signing them up to something new. Go for a retirement gift where they learn an unusual craft such as how to basket weaving, upcycling furniture or even flower arranging. You could then sign them up to a monthly flower subscription so they can try out their new skills.

Make sure you send a thoughtful message with the gift. We’ve rounded up some good luck messages to help wish them the best.


Now for all those other big occasions in life. Whether it’s celebrating Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, maybe Christmas is approaching, or they’re heading off on a new adventure - you need that perfect gift.


When it comes to the special people in your life, celebrate the big occasions by getting together and sharing memories. Maybe a dinner at a special restaurant, a girly staycation or even a day out at your local park with picnic in hand. Whichever one you choose, remember to arrive with a bunch of the most celebratory flowers you can imagine, such as a mix of yellow and pink roses, cheerful sunflowers or sweet-scented stocks.


When someone you know has worked hard to achieve their goal, it’s the perfect time to send a congratulations gift. Have they got that new job they desperately wanted? Maybe they’ve passed some exams or got into university? From big goals to the littles wins, let them know how special they are. Put a big smile on their face and send a beautiful bunch of flowers or a luxury food hamper to give them the treat that they deserve.



Whatever the reason, don’t forget to write the perfect message. Hit the perfect note with some of the following:

  • Congratulations on (fill in event). We knew you could do it!
  • You’ve worked so hard for this, congratulations on passing your exam/getting the new job/getting into university
  • We always knew you were amazing. Well done – now on to the next adventure!
  • I am bursting with joy. We always knew you could do it. Congratulations on (fill in event)


A big, bold bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to enjoy any celebration. Whether it’s a big event or you just want to celebrate your wonderful friend, this is a happy moment so go for blooms that reflect the mood with bright and colourful tones. Celebrate the best of season with our Blooms of the Month bouquet – it’s a guaranteed way to send a smile.

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