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27 September 2017 - written by Laura

Our very special Help for Heroes collection

Introducing our stunning new Band of Sisters range

We’ve been proud supporters of Help for Heroes for over two years donating 15% of the sale price from a number of gorgeous bouquets and plants to the charity. This year, Help for Heroes is celebrating its 10th birthday, so we were delighted to help with the celebrations and create a stunning new collection of bouquets to support this great cause.

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Who are Help for Heroes?

Help for Heroes supports those with injuries and illnesses sustained while serving in the British Armed Forces. No matter when someone served, they believe that those prepared to put their lives second, deserve a second chance at life. Since the Charity was founded ten years ago, the support from the public has helped improve the lives of over 17,000 highly trained, selfless and courageous individuals so far - that’s 1 in 5 of those needing support following conflicts between 1991-2014. Help for Heroes is determined to help those who haven’t come forward yet.

Every penny donated, every treatment, course and activity the Charity offers is done with the express purpose of empowering Veterans and Service Personnel to reach their potential, beyond illness and injury, by giving them the leg-up they deserve. And when any of our Veterans, Servicemen or women and their loved ones regain their sense of purpose, they become a force for good within our communities.

Flying Flowers and its customers are proud to be part of The Force for Good.

Our Band of Sisters collection

We were delighted to spend the day with four members of Help for Heroes’ Band of Sisters fellowship to develop our exciting new collection of beautiful bouquets. The Band of Sisters fellowship is a support network for the loved ones of our injured Veterans and Service personnel. Each bouquet is inspired by the personal stories of the Band of Sisters and their experiences of having a loved one serving in the forces, along with the help and support Help for Heroes continues to give them.

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The stories behind each bouquet are thought provoking and very touching – we hope you enjoy reading them.

“I chose these flowers as they’ve been a part of my life growing up” - Sue Green

Sue named her bouquet ‘Strength’ in tribute to her mum who has given her the strength to support her husband, James, an Army Veteran who now battles Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sue strives to pass on this strength to her husband each and every day.
Sue and Jason met over 25 years ago just after Jason left the Army after twelve years’ service. With many difficult times following, Jason and Sue both joined Help for Heroes’ fellowship networks, the Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters, for support.

“I chose the lily for my mum, the two white roses for me and Jason and the two green carnations for our two children and also our surname is Green. I chose the pink carnations for the rest of our family that surround us with love and support. I've put the fern in as this was my mum’s surname.

“I chose these flowers as they have been a part of my life growing up, and the carnation was also my mum's favourite flower.”

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“Life after the military is what can only be described as a roller coaster ride”- Lyla Stevens

Lyla put an enormous amount of care and thought into the design of her bouquet which she has named ‘Hougoumont’, a key victory in the Battle of Waterloo where both the Provost (the forerunner of the Royal Military Police) and the First Guards (now the Grenadier Guards) fought, as a fitting tribute to her husband’s Service.

Lyla chose 17 stems of white flowers for her bouquet in tribute to the 17 flames on the cap badge of the Grenadier Guards and the white plume on the side of the bearskin headdress of the Grenadier Guards. The white long stem Lily and Eucalyptus branches are flowers from her wedding bouquet.

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“I will always be amazed at the recovery Kris has made with Ellie by his side” - Louise Reynolds

Louise’s husband has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving in NI, Bosnia and Iraq. She named her bouquet after their daughter, Ellie. After Ellie was born it was discovered that one of Louise’s husband’s triggers was children crying, due to things he had seen in Iraq.

“Looking back now Ellie is the reason Kris sought help and they now have a very close a strong relationship - so much so that if Kris is having a bad day, regardless of where he is, he will phone and talk to Ellie as she immediately lifts his spirits and mood.

“She has had so much to deal with her in 6 years and is an amazing, caring child who understands that Daddy has a poorly head - I will always be amazed at the recovery Kris has made with Ellie by his side.”

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“Clare is an amazing daughter-in-law who supports my son to the nth degree; not always easy” - Suzi Smith

Suzi named her bouquet ‘Endurance’ in praise of her daughter-in-law, Clare. Clare supports and cares for Suzi’s son, Dan, who was medically discharged from the Army after 18 years’ service and several tours across the globe.

Clare balances family life with an important job caring for severely disabled and autistic children. Combining this with caring for Dan, who still battles with the after effects of his service, Suzi says Clare’s energy and ability to just ‘endure’ is amazing.

“If anyone deserves recognition, it’s her."

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