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Welcoming in Autumn

18th November 2016
By Sarah

It’s official: November has truly arrived and Christmas is just around the corner. Signs of the seasons changing are everywhere as the trees shed leaves, we don our coats - and discuss whose house we’re going to for Christmas Day!

Although not everyone’s a fan of the darker evenings, I myself look forward to shutting the curtains, firing up the woodburner and hibernating with a mug of cocoa. A recent survey by cleaning firm Jeyes has revealed I’m not alone with Brits twice as likely to make excuses to avoid a social event than during the summer months.


Boo! It's Halloween

24 October 2016
By Sarah

Do you celebrate Halloween? This year I’ll be carving out a couple of pumpkins in the Jack-o-Lantern style - and leaving Haribos in a bucket on our doorstep, with a sign saying ‘Help yourself’. Then I’ll be bolting the door, turning the lights off and watching TV this All Hallow’s Eve, and letting the trick or treaters celebrate this holiday to their heart's content!

As a child growing up in the Seventies and Eighties, I can only remember trick or treating once and it was more Knock on Ginger as we weren’t sure what we going to say if anyone did answer, so ran away!


Grandparents Day

31th August 2016
By Sarah

A revolving windmill that played ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’, a menagerie of hamsters, rabbits and tropical fish - and a huge fry-up cooked in lard, take me back fondly to the days I used to spend with my Yorkshire-based Nanna and Granddad..

Because we lived some 200 miles away, it was extra special to visit them - it only happened once a year because it took forever to get up the A1 in my mum’s Morris Minor. Between visits my Nanna used to send me knitted dolls’ clothes beautifully displayed on cardboard, PG Tips cards and Ribena records that played whale song.


Amazing autumn

20 September 2016
By Sarah

I’m always glad when we move into autumn. Each year we have such high expectations of summer, but it inevitably rains a lot and our heatwaves last a day - and in that fleeting 24 hours, we complain it was too hot and sticky anyway. I’m not sure why we think the British summer will be any other way.

With autumn, we know where we are. Colour wise, it’s our most spectacular of seasons with the leaves turning every shade or brown, orange and red. In my garden is the most gorgeous dark-red Japanese maple which turns vibrant pinky-orange in autumn before shedding its leaves.


Back to school!

7 September 2016
By Sarah

I haven’t had much time to write my blog as I’m panic-buying shoes and attempting to get the iron-on name tags to iron on to my daughter’s new upper-school uniform before term kicks off. You might say I’ve had six weeks to get organised, but no sooner have they broken up, they’re back again.

This time round, I don’t know the new school’s rules and what I do and don’t really have to buy, so like a good parent I’ve bought the lot - until my daughter realises none of the other kids have it/wear it/use it/will give it the time of day - so it gets discarded on day 2 at major expense to me.