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120 Unique Happy Birthday Messages to Supercharge your Sentiments

It can sometimes be difficult to think of something witty or wonderful to say when wishing family and friends a happy birthday. That’s why we’ve put together a birthday message guide with 120 of the best wishes you can send.

Whether you’re sending birthday wishes to your boss, close friend or colleague, you can use the guide to be cheeky, sentimental or even find a famous quote. We’ve even included a table full of nostalgia you can use as ammunition to remind them just how old they are!

6 Steps to Keeping your Cut Flowers Fresh for Longer

If you’re looking for a way to make a those Mother’s Day roses, graduation flowers or birthday arrangements stay vibrant and blooming for longer, follow our in depth flower care guide.

Just like counting sheep to fall asleep, it seems everyone has a theory of how to keep their flowers lasting longer.

The Hidden Meanings and Emotions of Flowers

Sending flowers to loved ones is one of the most powerful ways to express your heart-felt emotions.Sending flowers that express your sentiments through their unique symbolism can take a special gift & make it a gift that will never be forgotten.

We have put together a collection of perennial flowers that are commonly found in our arrangements along with their meanings & associations to help your sentiments go further & truly wow your loved ones. We also asked 1000 people what they thought about flower meanings in the 21st century.

Source: Sprinklebakes.com

6 Ways to use Edible Flowers in Food

As well as popping flowers in a vase, you can also pop them in the oven! Edible flowers are becoming increasingly popular with our food from prettying up our cakes and bakes to pepping up salads, jellies and cordials.

But eating flowers isn’t just something fancy chefs and The Great British Bake Off have revived - medieval monks were using Calendula in their cooking pots and the Victorians topped desserts with candied Violets, associating them with elegance. Carnations, Day Lily and Nasturtium petals were also thought to be good for you with body-cleansing properties as well as attractive garnishes, says GardenGuides.com.

Our very special Help for Heroes collection

We are proud to introduce our stunning new Band of Sisters range.

This year, Help for Heroes is celebrating its 10th birthday. We were delighted to help with the celebrations and create a stunning new collection of bouquets to support this great cause. We’ve been proud supporters of Help for Heroes for over two years donating 15% of the sale price from a number of gorgeous bouquets and plants to the charity.