The ultimate guide for finding the perfect floral gifts this Christmas

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be difficult, especially when buying a gift for a family member who has always been in your life. Between occasions like Mother’s Day, birthdays and a lifetime of Christmases we’ve often used up most of our best ideas. That’s why we’ve wrote our Christmas Gift Guide to give you a little inspiration this holiday season...

Our gift guide is easy to use, all you have to do is select the person you’re buying for from the list below and you’ll be recommended the perfect present, carefully curated by our team. All Flying Flowers plants, hampers and flowers come with FREE delivery and we can even deliver our flowers and plants on Christmas Eve so you can feel just as good giving these presents as you do receiving them!

Gifts for Mum

Flowers make a great gift for any mum. Simple, elegant and customisable, they are filled with sentiment and are available at a range of budgets. This is especially true for a mum who’s diabetic, gluten-free or simply making a New-Year’s resolution to watch their waistline. Where snacks like chocolate might be out of the question, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers will always put a smile on their face.

For Mums we recommend Christmas Glow. This bouquet is bright, beautiful and unique - just like she is! What’s more this vibrant collection of stems is guaranteed to stand out in her living room, even among the sparkling sights of Christmas.

Gifts for Dad

While floral gifts aren’t a typical present for men, plants are becoming increasingly popular in the male demographic. A plant in the office or home can increase productivity and reduce stress levels - making them a perfect gift for a dad with an intensive job.

For Dad we’ve picked one our festive favourites - Red Rose Santa. This rose plant comes in a quirky planter that is sure to be appreciated by your very own Father Christmas. Once the festive season is over, dad can repot the plant in a more neutral container before bringing it back again next year. A gift that keeps on giving!

Gifts for Grandma

A gift for Grandma should be dignified and elegant - but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too! While Nanas may be old in years, they’re young at heart and flowers offer the flexibility to express each of those elements.

We think Grandma would love this Santa’s Sleigh bouquet. This unique bouquet gift is presented in a golden vase - styled to look like Santa’s Sleigh and is filled with traditional favourites like carnations in a range of Christmas Colours. While your cousins may have gone with more traditional styles, this one of a kind bouquet is sure to stand out among the crowd and secure your place as Nana’s favourite grandchild!

Gifts for Grandad

Gifts for grandparents can be hard work and Grandad can be one of the most difficult family members to buy for. With all his years of experience he’s done a lot and wants little - But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have favourites. Choosing a hamper filled with little bits of all Grandpa’s favourite treats can be a great Christmas present idea for the olden gentleman who has it all.

For Grandad we’ve chosen our Festive Tea hamper. Who’s Grandad doesn’t love a cuppa and a biscuit? We know ours do! And for the discerning tea enthusiast this hamper doesn’t disappoint. With enough luxury tea bags to make 10 cups of tea and a huge range of festive treats - this hamper is sure to keep Grandad happy well into the new year.

Gifts for Wife or Girlfriend

After Valentine’s Day, Christmas is definitely the most romantic holiday. Mistletoe, snow and cosy cuddles by the fire all help to add to an atmosphere of love. With that in mind, a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a perfect fit for a romantic Christmas gift for a partner.

For a wife or girlfriend, we think Winter Joy would make a perfect gift. This gorgeous arrangement features all the colours of winter with stems chosen for their romantic connotations.

Gifts for Husband or Boyfriend

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach - That’s why when it comes to a romantic winter gift for your husband or boyfriend a Christmas hamper is the perfect choice! Filled with a range of delicious treats, food hampers are a great gift for men with refined pallets.

For a husband or boyfriend we’ve chosen the Winter Gift Basket. This Christmas hamper has it all! Wine, panettone, fudge, marshmallows, chutney and even a selection of biscuits! This hamper is a sweet treat for a partner that loves sweet treats and there’s plenty of treats to go round.

Gifts for Her

If you’re looking for a stocking filler for her - look no further than one of our smaller hampers. Whether it’s a present for your friend, a stocking filler for your sister or a little something for your secret Santa - a selection of sweet treats is always going to go down well!

For her we’ve chosen our Christmas Letterbox Gift. This festive hamper is filled with Christmas treats and includes everything from candy canes to cute Christmas themed gingerbread biscuits. And, if the women in your life have busy schedules, you can rest easy knowing this gift box is the perfect size for Santa to slip through the letterbox!

Gifts for Him

We also have a range of smaller hampers that are perfect gifts for him too! Your brothers, male friends. and secret santas will be over the moon to find their stockings jam packed with all their festive favourites.

For him we’ve chosen the Christmas Goodie Box. Featuring a selection of high branded treats including biscuits, chocolate and cake. There’s even a Christmas Pudding! If this doesn’t put a smile on his face, then nothing will.

Gifts for Minimalists

Buying a gift for someone who loves the simple things in life can be a challenge. Minimalists hate clutter and like things chic and simple. Christmas is about buying MORE stuff, so what do you get for someone who wants less?

We think the minimalists in your life would love this Peace Lily. Coming in a simple plant pot - the understated white blooms complement the delicate green leaves perfectly. Not only that, but at 18cm tall it’s unlikely to clutter up the house. A perfect gift for those who like to live life tidy.

Gifts for Romantics

Romantics love Christmas. Everything about the holiday is passionate, colourful and sentimental - just like they are! With so many romantic gifts to choose from it’s easy to overthink things, so keep it simple with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

We think our Festive Sorbet would be a great fit for a romantic. The combination of the iconically romantic red rose and the beautifully pure white alstroemeria are match made in heaven. Not only do they look festive, it’s a pairing that is deep in romantic sentiment. If you want to up your game, you can also include Guylian Belgium chocolates and finish your gift with a ribbon for just £2.95. A small touch that’s sure to make a big impact on the romantic in your life.

Gifts for Someone Girly

What do you get for someone girly? The sort of friend mad about all things pink and pretty and in love with anything fabulous? Well few gifts express feminine sweetness like a beautiful bouquet of flowers and at Flying Flowers there’s plenty of arrangements to choose from.

If we had to pick just one, we think our Christmas Rose and Lily will go down a treat with the girly girls in your life. This stunning display features a range of feminine colours, from the radiant pinks of our oriental lilies to the soft white and passionate red roses. It’s sure to be the perfect fit in the house of any girly girl.

Gifts for Someone Classy

We all know someone who oozes class. Someone who’s always impeccably dressed, who’s home is perfectly styles and who does nothing by halves. For this person, a sub-par gift just isn’t good enough. The only problem is, a high quality gift tends to have a high price tag. Flowers are an excellent solution - not only classy but available at a range of budgets to suit you.

If you want to get a classy gift for your classy loved one, we recommend White Wonderland. This bouquet is as stylish as they come and shies away from gaudy colours in favour of an arrangement of soft and delicate white blooms.

Gifts for Someone Quirky

Finding a gift for someone quirky can be a lot of fun and gives you plenty of opportunity to let your imagination run wild. But when looking for a unique gift it’s also important to choose something with quality and sentiment, not just novelty. Try to find your loved ones something they can use and enjoy, not just throw in a cupboard.

We think our range of animal plants are a perfect option for a quirky gift for a quirky loved one, if we had to pick just one then we couldn’t say no to the Jemima Cat Planter. This little kitten comes with a pink rose plant and a lot of personality. Unlike a novelty gift that might end up in a cupboard, Jemima will stand proudly on your loved one's windowsill, putting a smile on their face whenever they enter the room.

Gifts for Professionals

Buying for a gift for your boss or another professional in your life can be daunting. Despite spending most of your day working alongside them you might not know much about their personal life and what’s more it can be hard to grasp exactly what sort of gift is appropriate. If you ask us, we think you can’t go wrong with a Christmas Hamper, after all who doesn’t love a tasty snack?

Our Wine and Cheese Slate has everything the professionals in your life could possibly want. This divine Christmas Hamper is full of high quality luxury snacks including cheese, chutney and crackers. As the name suggests there’s also a bottle of red wine to wash it down. Here’s to another successful year of business!

Gifts for a Foodie

Christmas is a foodie’s dream come true. With sweets, snacks and dinners galore it’s an exciting couple of weeks to enjoy the finer things in life. A foodie wants nothing more than to snack till their heart’s, and stomach’s content - so why not indulge them with the gift of a luxury Christmas hamper?

We think any foodie would enjoy our Festive Treat selection. This hamper is presented in a festive red weave tray and sack and is filled with all their favourite snacks. From a truffle or chocolate, to a tipple of merlot. There’s enjoy treats in this gift hamper to keep them content until the new year!

Just like with foodies, Christmas is a great time to like a drink. Whether it’s a glass of prosecco after work, a beer watch TV or a night of partying - there’s plenty of opportunities for the Beer Aficionado to have a good time over the festive season. Buying a gift for beer or wine lovers is easy, but buying a gift that stands out can be that bit more difficult. Instead of simply buying a bottle of wine or a case of beer, why not treat them to a luxury hamper? Not only will they get a tipple of their favourite drink, it’s beautifully presented and also filled to the brim with snacks.

For the men who enjoy a drink in your life we recommend the Gentleman's Favourite Gift Box, whereas Ladies Favourite Gift Box is the perfect present for the prosecco loving women in your life. Both of these boxes are presented in a beautiful seagrass cube and come with everything you’d need for a great night in.

Gifts for Animal Lovers

Animals are an important part of so many of our lives, but some people take their love to next level. For the ‘crazy cat ladies’ in your life, or the loved one who couldn’t live life without man’s best friend we’ve a range of cute animal planters just for then.

If you want to gift them an animal planter with a seasonal touch why not Rocking Robin? This cute 9cm tall robin planter comes with a charming red cyclamen on his back. A festive favourite that wouldn’t look out of place during the rest of the year.

Gifts for the Travel Mad

Nothing is more precious to the jet setters, explorers and travellers than memories of the trips they’ve had and the holidays you’ve shared together. It’s a beautiful sentiment. But how do you convert that sentiment into a gift for a travel lover? Well one way to do it might be with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

For example, our Carnival Bouquet reminds us of the vibrant and bright colours of faraway lands and lazy days spent in the sun. Filled with one of the Mediterranean’s most iconic flowers, the carnation, it’s the perfect gift to remind someone of the fun you shared on a holiday to Spain or Greece.

Gifts for Gardeners

Winter can be somewhat of a disappointing time to be a Gardener. Snow, frost and dark nights make gardening outside a difficult, if not impossible, task. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help them to bring their passion indoors. We have a huge range of house plants available, many of which are perfect gifts for gardeners itching to take care of a little green friend.

We think any gardner would love our Large Christmas Mixed Basket. This large planter comes in a gorgeous basket and is filled with a stunning mix of colours, smells and textures. An ideal gift choice for a budding botanist.

Gifts for a Health Buff

Christmas is a time of year all about good food, good drink and good company, and plenty of it. But that becomes a problem when Buying gifts for diabetics, gifts for gym lovers or simply gifts for the health conscious. When chocolates and wine are no longer an option, what do you get for them? A plant can be a great option, especially if they are conscious about their mental wellbeing as well as they’re physical fitness.

Clean air plants are scientifically proven to keep your home feeling healthy. Plants like our Clean Air Medley absorb any toxins that can come from your furniture, cleaning products and carpets as well as keeping your house oxygenated.

Hopefully our recommendations have given you plenty of gift ideas to help you with your Christmas shopping. If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, why not browse the rest of our Christmas range? We’ve a wide selection of Christmas Flowers, Christmas Plants and Christmas Hampers to choose from and, as always, FREE delivery comes as standard.