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Everlasting Flowers - New Silk Flowers

By Ben

29 October 2015

Our passion for freshly cut, fragrant flowers will never be quelled; however it is with huge excitement that we launch our brand new Flying Flowers Silk range - a collection of stunning, realistic artificial flowers and plants for your home.

Everlasting Floral Arrangements

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to place fresh flowers inside the home - simply the sight from afar can bring a sense of calm and trigger a smile. However the practicality of an arrangement in every room is a luxury which few can afford, with most of us more realistically opting for perhaps a single floral bouquet a week, decorating the living room, or hallway - at best. The true splendour of our Silk Flowers range is that they last forever with no need to water or prune!

Lifelike Faux Flowers

This collection has been long in the development over recent months and now brings such a realistic way for us all to enjoy the visual vibrancy of flowers in every room of the home. I can't express just how lifelike the flowers are, long gone are the days of silk flowers being noticeably (dare I say) 'fake'. The floral arrangements we've created are each presented in vases which even hold synthetic water (complete with air bubbles!) - when Paula and the design team here first introduced me to the range, from afar I well and truly thought that these were in fact 'real' flowers - they're so lifelike perhaps even the bees will be fooled!

Artificial plants

The collection also includes a number of equally lifelike plants too - from a striking pink Azalea, to a wonderfully refined orchid, there's an arrangement or plant to suit any room. Whether as a gift, or to brighten your home, combining great design with an affordable price tag we're sure that you'll just love this range as much as we already do!

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