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Flowers for Friendship

10 August 2016

By Sarah

What do you look for in a friend? A sense of humour, family values and moral compass have come top of a new list of the most important friendship factors. Shared hobbies, similar backgrounds and matching music tastes, also rate highly. Trustworthiness is rated as the most important quality we look for in our friends, followed closely by loyalty and supportiveness.

When it comes to friendship, it seems us ladies take it far more seriously than menfolk. A recent survey said men would happily lend a best mate a couple of thousand pounds while seven in ten women said they would be prepared to donate a kidney or even help a bestie cover up a crime - Thelma and Louise springs to mind! Interestingly, women believe the way to remain friends is NEVER to lend money.

Friendship is such an integral part of our lives with eight out of ten of us having a best friend. Perhaps not surprisingly, women are quicker to claim a close friendship than men, taking just one year to consider someone a bestie, while men ponder a bromance for three years. And in another survey, daily gossips with a best friend were hailed as the reason many people over 60 feel so young. I know I love a heart-to-heart and a chance to put the world to rights over a catch-up cappuccino with a friend.

I think you can categorise friends. You have friends from school or university; then you have your teenage, married, mum, gran, exercise, work, friends - and then you have your forever best friend. My best friend lives in New Zealand now but I’ve known her since she was 11 when she moved into my road and we were inseparable. The great thing about social media is we can catch up regularly, even though she’s a day ahead. And whenever she comes over, the years melt away and we’re 11 again! My teenage daughter has a best friend and, just like my friend and I were, they’re attached at the hip, gossiping about boys, school friends and make up, but always looking out for each other. It’s lovely to see.

We don’t need an excuse to spoil our special friends, and we have lots of special bouquets that are just perfect for celebrating a friend. Take a look at our white and blue Classic Rose and Freesia arrangement – with beautifully scented freesia and elegant roses, we’re sure your friends will love this bouquet!

Here’s to our friends!

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