How to pick the right flowers
for your wedding

When it comes to flowers, weddings are a time of opulence, luxury and joyful celebration and your blooms should represent that by being as beautiful as they can be. An important feature of both your decoration and for many brides their bouffant and bouquets, we want to make sure you choose flowers not just for appearance but for their meanings, freshness and how they reflect the personality of the happy couple.

The best flowers for a seasonal ceremony

Flowers look their best when they’re in season, and fresh flowers add an elegant touch to your ceremony no matter what time of year you choose. Of course, you’re not limited to simply picking flowers based on when they grow: a beautiful seasonal bouquet can be created using popular flowers arranged in colours reminiscent of Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Choose shades that pair well with your overall wedding colour scheme for a vibrant feel that’ll make your day even more memorable in seasons to come. Unsure where to begin? We’ve shared some of our favourites for every time of year:


Traditionally associated with Spring and rebirth, new life and everything lovely about this time of year, Sweet Peas come in a huge variety of colours and can be easily incorporated into jewel-toned or pastel colour schemes alike. Their frilly petals also sit well in hair arrangements which make for a lovely alternative to gems or lace.

They do need to be kept in quite careful conditions: check out our guide for keeping flowers fresher for longer to make sure they look their best on the day.

Best between February and June, but be careful about the weather!


Big, bold, sunny: your dream sunshine wedding gets even brighter with these summer favourites. Sunflowers are a popular sight at American weddings due to their ability to make you smile and their warm colour that matches well with white. If you find them a little big and attention-catching for your main flower, set them as table decorations like the example above and pair with a more subtle yellow flower in your bouquet.

Best between July to September


When we think of an Autumn wedding it’s usually accompanied by thoughts of all the delicious fresh food we’re bound to see at the table: harness that harvest feeling by incorporating bright berries or even small fruits into your bouquet for a pop of unusual colour.

Autumn is a time of feasting and getting ready for the colder weather, so the traditional colours of red, orange and yellow give your ceremony a truly celebratory feeling. The berries we’ve chosen above are Hypericum berries, which have the added bonus of meaning “health” in the language of flowers.

Best between September to November


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your wedding needs to be cold in colour. While many brides love the all-white approach to winter flowers, weddings are also a time to express yourself so if you love all things colourful, opt for the hardy winter rose to bring warmth to your palette.

Aside from being one of the most romantic flowers, there is these lover’s favourites thrive in the cooler air of the season, meaning they’ll look fresher on the day for longer.

Best between November to February

Flowers, weddings and what your bouquet means

The Victorians loved the art of Floriography and often explored the hidden meaning of flowers even on important celebratory occasions. While we don’t need to worry too much about whether your wedding flowers actually mean something rather unromantic - after all, you’re choosing them because you love how they look - it can be fun to add an extra dimension to the celebration by choosing blooms that represent how you feel about your partner.

We looked at Kate Greenaway’s 1884 textbook on the Language of Flowers and chose the most romantic options for saying how you feel on the big day:

Declaring your love with red tulips

Bright and bold, a red tulip is a declaration to everyone present that you love the recipient. Wear a matching pair and you’ll look like true lovebirds.

Forget-me-nots and true love

It’s in the name: the delicate Forget-me-not represents true love that won’t be forgotten, which is a lovely companion to the vows you say on the day.

The ultimate expression of love in marriage

In both East Asia and Europe the vibrant red chrysanthemum is the ultimate flower that represents love, even more so than the passionate red rose - why not add some to a rich jewel-toned bouquet for a unique way of expressing your feelings?

Hope for the future with the simple snowdrop

A little more subtle than the other flowers we’ve picked, the simple snowdrop expresses hope and anticipation for the future: a beautiful sentiment to share with the person you spend the rest of your life with.

The meaning of Kate Middleton’s beautiful bouquet

In keeping with British royal tradition, the wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge saw her carrying a classic, elegant and understated bouquet that was representative of plenty of marriage-focused feelings according to the Victorians. Here’s what she had:

  1. Ivy: fidelity in marriage
  2. Myrtle: love
  3. Lily of the Valley: trustworthiness
  4. Sweet William: gallantry… but also a reference to her lovely husband
  5. Hyacinth: constancy of love

All in all, a very symbolic bouquet that managed to look sophisticated and sweet beside her gorgeous gown… definitely something to aspire to! As a bonus significance, the Myrtle in Kate’s bouquet came from Queen Victoria’s very own flower garden, from a plant which has been used in royal bouquets for over 170 years.

Beyond the bouquet: using flowers throughout your wedding

When we think of luxury flowers at a wedding it’s almost always in the context of the bride’s bouquet, but that doesn’t have to be the end of it. Blooms can be incorporated into your ceremony in ways that express you and your partner’s personalities, whether they’re elegant, delicate or extravagant. Here are some ways you can add a fresh look to your special day:

Beautiful buttonholes

Perfect for pairing your outfits, floral buttonholes let your groom get in on the fresh feeling and can be a beautiful counterpart to bridesmaid floral hairstyles or bouquets.

A grand entrance

Suited for outdoor weddings or in a grand or rustic venue, a flower arch also gives you a great photo opportunity and can be used in tandem with our seasonal ideas from earlier to really tie your colour scheme together.

Flower crowns

Not just for flower girls, an elegant flower crown can be made with the same blooms as your bouquet to give your outfit a beautiful vintage feel. Lauren Conrad’s handy how-to guide has simple ideas for half-crowns and mixing your blooms with beautiful greenery.

Favours with a difference

As delicate, low-cost option that’s different from the usual confectionary, posy favours are a way to bring a little bit of your seasonal-themed wedding home with your guests. This tutorial uses just three flowers with some tissue paper to create a mini posy that is easy to coordinate with your main flower wedding theme.

Do you have any other ways you’d like to use flowers in your wedding? Let us know! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share your ideas.