Pet-Friendly Flowers

Pet-Friendly Flowers & Plants: To Keep Your Pets Safe

Whether you have a curious cat or a dog that thinks everything is edible (RIP every pair of socks in the house) it's a good idea to check that the flowers in that lush bouquet you've received – or are planning to send to a friend – are safe for them to be around.

To make things easier we've taken a look at which blooms are safer for your fur babies and which ones should be avoided – or just placed on a very high shelf out of the way.

Cat and dog friendly flowers

There are blooms that are considered to be lower risk for your kitty cat or prized pooch to be around.

However, it's important to note that, like humans, our pets can have allergies and individual needs too so it's still best to keep flowers and foliage out of the way as much as possible. Keep an eye on your furry friends and encourage them to leave those bouquets of flowers alone, just in case.

For now, we've rounded up some blooms that are considered to be a little safer to have around the house. With popular flowers such as roses and freesia making the list, you'll still be able to enjoy those 'surprise' Valentine's Day bouquets and seasonal posies.

  • Freesia– These springtime beauties can be featured on the coffee table or a windowsill, where your cat likes to sunbathe, with a reduced risk to your furry friends.

  • Gerbera daisies– We just love gerberas with their vivid colours and cheery faces. The great news is that you can enjoy them in the home with cats and dogs around.

  • Limonium– The wispy, pastel-hued flowers of limonium remind us of the always on-trend gypsophila and is relatively safe to have around the house.

  • Lisianthus– These delicate beauties could be compared to roses and are said to symbolise appreciation and gratitude. That's your next thank you gift for a pal sorted and dogs and cats should be safer around them.

  • Pitto– This leafy foliage is usually featured in those dramatic cascading wedding bouquets but if you have some around the house the good news is that they don't pose much risk to pets.

  • Roses– Yes! We're super happy roses could make the list. How could we live without these gorge romance inspiring blooms in our lives? Plus, if your dog fancies taking a nag out of them he'll be fine. You might be a bit upset though...

  • Snapdragons– These flowers are said to mean deviousness but there's nothing untoward about them when it comes to the safety of your pets. While you should still keep these blooms out of the way of cats and dogs, they pose a lower risk than other flowers.

  • Statice– Fluffy purple statice are pet friendly flowers and usually enjoyed as part of a bouquet. We think they're stunners on their own though too.

  • Stock– These pet friendly blooms give us those rustic, cottage garden vibes and we love to feature them in bouquets. The good news is that cats and dogs can hang out around them

  • Sunflowers– This always cheery, late summer bloomer doubles up as a source of food with tasty seeds that both humans and pets enjoy.

  • Waxflower– These long-lasting blooms can stick around for up to 10 days in a bouquet so you can enjoy them for longer and have them around your fur babies.

Flowers poisonous to cats

Sadly, some blooms can cause mild sickness in cats, while others are much more serious. Keep your kitty cat safe by avoiding these flowers in bouquets and around your home.

Flowers that are mildly poisonous to cats

We hope this guide has helped you better understand which plants are best to feature in your home that you can enjoy while knowing your fur babies are a little safer.